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I find it funny that so many people QQ about dailies

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3 years ago#21
I don't mind Dailies, but I'd like to also be able to put on a tabard after reaching friendly and get rep from dungeons/scenarios.
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3 years ago#22
From: B1g_Clown | #020
Only QQ I see about dailies are the people who QQ about people QQing about doing dailies. Get over it.

You are blind, then. Hell, 20 post topic, people QQing here.
3 years ago#23
I didn't mind the dailies at all. Great source of gold and they gave you something to do whilst queueing for LFR. I'm exalted with all of the pandarian factions on my main and now I feel a certain sense of emptiness when I have nothing to do while in ques. Looking forward to 5.2.
3 years ago#24
tote_all posted...
And yet, literally millions of people do them almost every day.

The equivalent of lab rats with the ability to complain.

Also: argumentum ad populi, Mr. Argumentation Expert.
"Erst waegen, dann wagen." - Helmuth von Moltke the Elder
3 years ago#25
From: Abyssmal Fiend | #024

Also: argumentum ad populi, Mr. Argumentation Expert.

Good job misusing my sig. It's sad to see Shuriko do something and fail to do the same.
3 years ago#26
Oh, you didn't like how I used your sig?
"Erst waegen, dann wagen." - Helmuth von Moltke the Elder
3 years ago#27
3 years ago#28
AssultTank posted...
Ashrahn posted...
I find myself not doing them, quite often. Then I feel bad because I'm now X days I skipped away from that rep level I need.

Quite often? I haven't done ANY dailies on my Shaman and Priest, and I only did the Tillers dailies to get Songbell seeds on my Mage, and I think I did Kalaxxi to revered...

I complain about dailies though. I'd rather do dungeons for my rep...

The tabard system was a 3 for 1 deal: you run a dungeon and you get points, drops, and rep. It made it so that Wrath and Cata had only one profitable activity at level cap other than raiding. Usually the dungeons had nothing to do with the faction at all. Now there's actually stuff to do and people complain that it's too much work...right after complaining all through Cata that nothing required real investment anymore. Make up your mind!
3 years ago#29
From: Shannon Spencer Fox | #014
From: Aceron | #013
Less repetitive and impossible than the grinds in every previous expansion.
Only difference is you can't pound them out in one marathon session like you could before.

Maybe compared to original Vanilla and BC (especially BC, of course), but compared to Cata? It's actually a step back in several cases. Actually there's a lot in MoP that's a step back from Cata, such as the VP-gain from doing a Looking for Dungeon run, the concept of gear gotten via factions and getting rep with them, and so on.

Do you know why Blizzard changed it? Because all through Cataclysm the vocal majority on the forums and in game was:

"I hate how no one is in the world anymore. I hate how I can do all my stuff in WoW in one day then have nothing to do. The game is boring now, Blizzard fix it!".
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