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My hunter QQ about them reverting the loot system.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
smackfan1211/21 3:57AM
Do professions provide personal bonuses anymore?whirlwind24511/21 3:57AM
So what races would you like to see playable in the future?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
VioletZer01511/21 3:43AM
Apparently after hours on hours in Molten Core, looots of people got kicked.Brykeign711/21 3:35AM
So... protection warrior DPS in PvE...TheCongo711/21 3:24AM
I attacked a druid while out questing, and several minutes later...FelixTrapper611/21 3:10AM
Did I mess up my garrison followers?Chaotix410411/21 3:05AM
Is Ashran the worst "PvP" experience since the release of WoW?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
SumSmartDoood1211/21 2:40AM
10th anniversary is upLinkofHyrule991811/21 2:15AM
Raids / New PvP Season on Nov 25th or Dec 2nd?SteelPunk808211/21 2:00AM
did u ever buy or have RARE evpensive money $ loot/pet/mounts cards? should i ?!psnDemon_SouL311/21 1:51AM
How do you complete the quest "Establish Your Garrison", Alliance.DillMan926811/21 1:44AM
wows 10th Aniv, will thye do anythign special?psnDemon_SouL911/21 1:40AM
When I didn't think Blizzard could get any laziernickizgr81011/21 1:14AM
so with the satchel of savage mysteries updateIvany2008411/21 1:12AM
Loot Improved; Proof insideBigEp711/21 12:23AM
I'm in a real pickle.pres_madagascar311/21 12:10AM
What do you think of the new CM weapons?Azardea311/21 12:06AM
never played DK, how are they? race?psnDemon_SouL111/20 11:56PM
Am I a bad because I don't have an off-spec?TruCrypt511/20 11:42PM
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