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3 years ago#1
I have a much younger brother and I was trying to find something for us to do online sense I cant see him as often anymore. I used to play wow from the start up to a few weeks after wrath came out so I thought we would give this a try. Created 2 starter accounts and he seems to really like it and I think I'm getting hooked again( love the gnome warrior I made =p).

Anyway, there are a few annoying things like not being able to invite each other so I was thinking of renewing my account, and just had a few questions.

1. Do I get anything for renewing an old account, mount or something?

2. I know starter accounts can't invite, but would I be able to invite him and quest together?

3. Can I stop my leveling at anytime, maybe 20-24 to keep playing with him?

If it works out I might just pay for his account but figured I would see how long hes interested in it.
3 years ago#2
1. You can use a Scroll of Resurrection on an account that went inactive before March of last year to get a free upgrade to Cataclysm and a free server/faction change to the sender of the Scroll, plus a free level 80. Someone around here would probably be happy to give you one.

2. If you have a paid account, you can invite Starter Edition accounts, yeah.

3. Yes, there's an NPC in Stormwind that can disable EXP, so if you like you can turn it off when you hit 20 and just keep playing with him.
like tommicks
3 years ago#3
Thanks, I'll see what he wants to do. I like some of the changes, exp being able to change the look of armor. Can't believe they have not gotten rid of the male human riding animation though, really annoys me...
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