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Warcraft versus Warhammer, In Terms of Lore. Which Do You Prefer?

#1InfestedAdamPosted 2/24/2013 3:26:55 PM
In my opinion both games, world, universe, etc....are rather rich in lore and have been developed rather well over the years. Each have outstanding characters who stand out in both power and renown among their peers as well as a history behind each faction.

I personally favor Warcraft lore because it isn't always about conflict and war between the major factions. Despite being called Warcraft I'm glad there are breaks now and then where the factions put aside their hatred for the good of all.

The factions as a whole don't have an unrelenting hatred for the opposing faction. I simply favor this because I feel it doesn't restrict the character development of the main characters/factions. They can be more than who they were because there isn't this "restriction" in place.

With Warhammer, I really enjoy the background story and the "epicness" of some of these characters. Granted I do feel the Warhammer as a whole can be rather...extreme something they still make for some interesting stories.

But the constant hatred between the opposing factions I feel also makes them boring. They're more predictable and despite how awesome some characters are I feel it restricts them in what they can become.

Overall, I like change, it keeps things interesting. Warcraft seems to emphasize this, Warhammer doesn't. Both are still rather solid in their lore though.

So for those familiar with out worlds, which lore do you prefer?

Comments and opinions are appreciated,

Thank you
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#2MegawizardPosted 2/24/2013 4:22:30 PM
If we're talking Warhammer and not Warhammer40K, then I'm going with Warhammer. The Skaven alone trump most of Warcraft's race development.
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#3CacofiendPosted 2/24/2013 4:29:10 PM
Depends are you talking about the MMO game or total lore?

For me personally if you are talking about total lore (including novels etc) although I enjoy both but I have to say for me it goes Warhammer > warhammer 40k > Warcraft.

Funnily while on topic of Warhammer I've got back into bloodbowl quite recently and I hadn't played that game in a long time.
#4Sephiroth C RyuPosted 2/24/2013 4:33:13 PM
My experience with warhammer is purely from some RTS games.

Said games do not do a terribly good job showing off the lore, it would seem, as I would from only them rate Warcraft's lore as being better.
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#5Infested_HoboPosted 2/24/2013 4:40:52 PM
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
#6GhostfeetPosted 2/24/2013 4:47:56 PM
Infested_Hobo posted...


I have to go for Warhammer based on the fact there are the Ruinous Powers. I love Chaos.
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#7Cronosaber13Posted 2/24/2013 4:49:24 PM
Megawizard posted...
If we're talking Warhammer and not Warhammer40K, then I'm going with Warhammer. The Skaven alone trump most of Warcraft's race development.

this, skaven are the master race
#8Wookie_Is_BackPosted 2/24/2013 6:36:06 PM
Warhammer has lore?
#9GamingAntPosted 2/24/2013 8:27:48 PM
Definitely Warhammer
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#10Linkmaster2k3Posted 2/24/2013 9:09:57 PM
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