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captured a rare Fluxfire Feline, still worth it to use one after 5.2 nerf?

#11ElaeusPosted 3/4/2013 4:00:38 PM(edited)
ah i figred thy r better cuz of teh money

merican acsent
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#12MajinUltimaPosted 3/4/2013 4:10:30 PM(edited)
scarecrows posted...
Useless now. They nerfed all the good pets. It's pay to win, the store pets will be the strongest now. They also didn't nerf the spectral cat, so if you have the money/gold you could get that and still have a pre 5.2 fff.

--Someone doesn't actually pvp pet battle much.

- Anubisath Idol remains the most reliably overpowered pet (and is not a pet store pet)
- Cenarion Hatcling sucks
- Cinder Kitten is average, but cute
- Guardian Cub is average
- Lil KT sucks
- Lil XT sucks
- Lil Ragnaros is only as good as your luck with Magma Trap
- Moonkin Hatchling is good enough
- Pandaren Monk is a gimmick for Darkness teams, so kinda good (Darkness' duration was nerfed from 9 to 5 turns in 5.2)
- Soul of the Aspects had its Reflection nerfed, and is also diminished by the Darkness nerf
- Wind Rider Cub sucks

So I'm curious where the "Pay To Win" is here. Lil Ragnaros is okay but generally inferior to Fel Flame in reliability. Pandaren Monk and Soul of the Aspects are both weaker off for the 5.2 changes to Darkness.

Come back when you learn to pet battle. :D

To translate TC's real opinion:
"I used an overpowered pet whose 1-hit kill was BUGGED and bypassing several racials to win matches, and now it's nerfed, and I don't know how to actually play this game!"

Fluxfire Feline players like that were auto-wins for my typical team anyway (Oily Slimeling, Nether Faerie Dragon, Scourged Whelpling/Infected Squirrel). They were always too stupid to realize that, after getting in 2 free turns of attacks on their Fluxfire, I'm just going to swap in my Slimeling and reduce your 1-hit-kill to ~600 damage then ride my lead to an easy win.

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#13AshrahnPosted 3/4/2013 5:20:04 PM
I'm just curious hearing Anubisath Idol, as I have one I've been thinking of levelling. What's its optimal move set up/rotation?
#14MajinUltimaPosted 3/4/2013 10:27:48 PM
Port-5.2 it will probably be Crush, Rupture, Sandstorm. I don't see the nerfed Reflection=>Deflection being as useful as Rupture.
Homura-chan is the coolest.