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Will Blizzard ever give a pet Oondasta or bat flying mounts?

#11TloyaPosted 3/13/2013 10:00:09 AM
The baby Zandalari raptors are basically a pet Oondasta--just not quite as colorful.

Bat mounts are coming I'm sure--like people said they've been datamined.

From: webbc99 | #008
How would the bat work on the ground? That would look really weird. At least the Hippogryph has legs so it can trot around

Hovers, just like cloud serpents, flying machines, nether rays and other assorted legless mounts do. Of course, of those only the flying machines are usable as ground mounts in no-fly zones so Blizzard might try to find some way to alter the bat such that it could walk around on Isle of Thunder and such.

What I'm wondering is why we still have no Kunchong Hatchling pet--it seems like a no brainer, especially with the recent addition of Mantid archaeology. They don't have to make a new skin or model or anything, just give us our own baby Kovoks.