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What's the point in this game if there's no consequences of killing (pvp)?

#31AssultTankPosted 3/14/2013 9:46:57 AM
Sorry guys, I can't raid this month because I got camped again.

Not fun.
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#32thronedfire2Posted 3/14/2013 9:53:30 AM
AssultTank posted...
Sorry guys, I can't raid this month because I got camped again.

Not fun.

That's why in those games you had real guilds that would help you stop that from happening.
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#33ryanell666Posted 3/14/2013 10:40:49 AM
thelorenzolamas posted...
WoW, and most modern MMORPGs are barely MMO's and barely RPG's.

They're action/arcade-ish games with some RPG elements. The world usually is of no consequence, other players are usually of no consequence, most everything is instanced activity that essentially acts like a private lobby.

I think everything has went this way because people by and large, at least in the states, for whatever reason, don't even really like RPG's. Look at when western RPG's became popular on consoles. When they became all actiony and straight forward.

I like WoW like it is and all, but it's just disappointing that there is nothing really with any modicum of a large budget that fills that sort of niche.

Preach on!

Vanilla era WoW had a penalty system (sort of). You'd grind kills for honour, but you have to keep killing cuz you'd lose a bit of honour every Tuesday reset. Prevented every player from being a grand marshal.

I always opted for a bell curve method of reward and title.

Anyways, yeah WoW stopped being a real MMORPG for a long time now. heck, even the whole genre died since "catering to the casuals/baddies" have become the staple business plan for all developers.... Look at SWTOR... TESO (and that isn't even out yet)...