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Trove of the Thunder king - rush to end or loot it all?

#1monkeehandsPosted 3/13/2013 8:08:44 AM
I've not actually made it to the end of the scenario yet but it seems from what I've heard (one burial trove key) that it's not actually worth running to the end and missing all the chests, since on two runs I've got a burial trove key from one of the gold chests. Have any of you guys got anything nice from finishing it yet?
#2piplupzeroPosted 3/13/2013 8:44:49 AM
Nope. I stayed in the first room and just looted every single chest in there and got 9 elder coins, 12 parchment things and about 6 burial trove keys(Though one was from the quest.).
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#3monkeehands(Topic Creator)Posted 3/13/2013 8:49:33 AM
Yeah I'm thinking I might just do this from now on, lot less hassle and a lot more shiny stuff
#4randomnameftwPosted 3/13/2013 8:54:10 AM
The first time I did it I didn't even know there was anything past the first room, but I got like every chest in there and still got plenty of l00t
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#5PhrenzZephyrPosted 3/13/2013 9:19:39 AM
My most successful run I ignored everything but golden chests.

11 elder charms, 39 parchments, 3 trove keys, 1 ritual stone, X amount of motes of harmony. I found it to be pretty worthwhile.
#6NibsnPosted 3/13/2013 2:30:13 PM
I've only stayed in the first room myself, both times were decent. I got 3 keys in one and 5 in the other run. I got about 30 parchments and a good deal of elder charms, something like 400g and 2 of the blue summon stones.

I've seen a video or two, apparently if you got to the end, the end boss is guarding 2 of the big chests, and has one on his back (drops it when dead) and then the guy you talk to gives you one key at the end for free.

The videos I've seen have been mixed though, one guy who went to the end got like 200g and then a small amount of everything else. I guess maybe the best way to do things would be to run around the first room and grab maybe 2-3 of the larger chests, then move to the next room and see if you can grab some more, ignoring some of the smaller chests maybe.....

I'll have to look into it abit more for next week I think, would love me a free 502 though :D
#7PailheadPosted 3/14/2013 10:43:03 AM
Seems like I'm just unlucky. Been in there couple of times, both times stayed in the first room looting the chests and both times all I got was gold and a total of 4 parchments!
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#8redundanciesPosted 3/14/2013 12:25:38 PM
I've done it twice, and assumed that to get beyond the first room, you needed a find a key in one of the chests, so I only did that one room. I think both times I only got one cache key (not counting the one you get for finishing the quest) in addition to all the usual stuff.
#9Wookie_Is_BackPosted 3/14/2013 12:49:31 PM
Can you find a key to progress? I thought you had to buy it with Charms at Revered or something.
#10PhrenzZephyrPosted 3/14/2013 1:18:54 PM
There's a lever to the left of the door that will open it.