Warrior or Bear tank?

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3 years ago#1
Looking to be a tank class. Ive tried a paladin and it isnt for me. These are the two id like to be at endgame, but which is more and enjoyable?

Ill let gamefaqs decide my fate! Thanks
3 years ago#2
Made this yesterday:


Seems like Warriors win out.
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3 years ago#3
I've played both. Warrior only into Outland, though. And my Druid stopped being a tank and more of a permanent herbalist in Cata.

Bear was kind of fun, plus you can still turn into a cat when you're bored. I find both flawed, though. A Bear is the "dodge" tank (bears are kinda big aren't they?) and Warriors, the "anti-magic" class of the game suddenly gets magical shields? Meh.

I vote Bear as it's slightly more fun than Warrior IMO, but not a whole heck of a lot. Then again, I like Paladin tanking. Or, at least I did when I had one back in Cata. I don't know as much for the changes in Mists. So maybe if I like the one you dislike, go against my advice? *shrug*
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3 years ago#4
Maybe i'll flip a coin
3 years ago#5
Bear, because....you get to be a freaking BEAR.
3 years ago#6
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