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Favorite Zone of all time in WoW?

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2 years ago#41
a Tie between mulgore and Vash'jr for me..everyone hated vash but it had one of the most enjoyable quest lines I have ever done..
2 years ago#42
Auberdine/Darkshore for me. My first char was my night elf warrior and starting out through Teldrassil and into Darnassus was amazing. But finally moving out to Darkshore was when I really got an idea of how big this game is. Auberdine was home for me and I'm really sad about what has become of it.
2 years ago#43
Grizzly Hills.
2 years ago#44
Blak4xis posted...
Storm Peaks or Grizzly Hills, hands down! :D

howling ford too
2 years ago#45
Pre-Cata: Darkshore and Duskwood. Darkshore for the same reason as the poster above and Duskwood because of the creepy atmosphere and the abomination summoned at the end of the quest line that'd attack the town which even a level 60 would have trouble with. It just amazed me that my doing caused that.

Post-Cata: Gilneas. The storyline throughout is amazing and the phasing is pulled off splendidly. It was just a shame that the worgen were screwed out of the second half of their story and shuffled to Darnassus instead as the momentum that was building up was great.
2 years ago#46
Vash'jr. So much colors and fun in there, many different alternate enviroments that encompass what the ocean's like, both beauty and horror. I love questing there on my alts, gives me fond memories of other enjoyable underwater zones in other videogames that I have played as well.
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2 years ago#47
I liked Altarac/Hillsbrad before Cata. The whole place is filled with little secrets and out of the way hidden stuff.

Warrior Whirlwind Axe quest was started there (I think... Might have been the berserker stance quest actually). Ravenholdt was also awesome. But the best part was being able to sit on the edge of the snowy peaks of Altarac and look down at the Dalaran bubble. Looked really cool at night time.

I also loooved old Feralas, similar reasons. The whole Isle of Dread was a huge mystery, the design of the zone was brilliant.

I did also love Alcaz Island (probably my fav place in the game), but tbh Theramore was one of the worst zones, so I can't count it.
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2 years ago#48
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2 years ago#49
Elwyn forest/Mulgore/Sholazar basin/Nagrand/Howling fjord

I despise every other area
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2 years ago#50
Aesthetically I love Nagrand, for the quests and lore, I love Icecrown
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