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did they change kalcegos fight in sunwell to be soloable?

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From: Ness0123456789 | #004
The fight was changed in 5.2 to be soloable. You can go into the portal now to deal with the Dreadlord without Kalec wigging out.


did they change razorgore's annoying ass event too?

Hes been easily soloable since 5.1, No change was needed

No, Razorgore had to be changed. There's no longer a debuff for using the orb, and the egg breaking spell has a shorter cooldown.

I believe they also buffed Razorgore's HP a little to make him take a bigger beating safely. Anyways, I have soloed that place on multiple characters, and here is all you need to do:

Start the fight and let Razorgore get to the platform with the orb before MCing him. MC him and kill the eggs on that platform, go down the ramp and work your way across the room from left to right (or right to left) using the platform he starts on as front and the orb as back (see below). Once the MC breaks generate aggro, This can be done through self heals quite easily with consumables or class skills. If you are a DK popping AotD here works wonders. You do NOT want to kill many mobs as new ones will attack razor as they come out. If you have a HoT spell/ability use it right before you MC him again. Finish destroying the eggs, kill razor, ..., Profit.