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Aaaaaand that's 5 level 90s.

#21EDarienPosted 3/21/2013 9:07:03 AM
Hak posted...

Just a heads up for you... after Cataclysm, 58-60 is actually faster in Blasted Lands than it is in Hellfire Peninsula, and then you can skip straight to Zangarmarsh, and Howling Fjord is faster than Borean Tundra due to the quest hubs there having quests that are all completed in smaller area clumps than in Borean.

A level 78 would get roasted in Hyjal. Stat inflation being what it is, even a fresh level 80 can have a hard time completing the first few quests in Hyjal until they get a few quest reward items. A level 78 would get roasted, particulary with the slightly larger aggro area, and quests like having to kill the ogre and slavemaster, then loot the bags before the next group arrives.

Yeah, I'd heard that about Blasted Lands, but by the time I'm done with the demon hunter quest, I'm usually 58. I tried going over to that Worgen area once, it was ok, but I never really tested it for speed. I'm sure if I learned the quests and all, it'd go quicker like you're saying, but I never took the time to do it. I'll try it next time I'm at that range, though.

As for stat inflation, I believe you, except for all the Cata greens that require 78. I don't much bother with them myself because it doesn't let you in and quest that early, but if it did, then a single higher leveled main can get a few of those to help boost up the fresh 78. I have a hard time with some of those beginning quests myself, because I don't utilize the Cata greens. But those would actually make it possible.

Oh! Borean vs Fjord. Is it? Does it matter for faction? I've always just gone BT because of the blue weapon at the end. Plus I like the lore there. I did some of Fjord my first time in, but then I found out about the blue in BT and never did Fjord again. I'll have to try that out too, then, since the blue weapon doesn't matter as much these days as it did back in Wrath.
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>plays a girl blood elf
>is a guy irl
>has a horrible monitor
>ugly/dumb ui

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Your gameboy color looks better than mine :/
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BonzoForLyfe posted...
Your gameboy color looks better than mine :/

Half the people in this topic don't know how to click 'view raw image'.
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