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Compare and contrast: Enhancement and Retribution

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3 years ago#1
I played Warrior in Cata and enjoyed it but lately I'd prefer a spec that can do a little more than just DPS. I like to also provide utility to both myself and whoever I'm grouping with. So I'm trying to decide between my Enhance and my Ret Pally.

Are they both viable in PvP (battlegrounds that is, don't care for arena)?

Which one, IYO, is more "active" and engaging gameplay wise when they have all their tools? My Shaman is 60 and I really like it but Pally is only 20 so far, so I'm not sure how they play out later on. It looks like they get some cool skills.

Would I have problems trying to get into groups at endgame with either spec?
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3 years ago#2
Well, I have a 90 ret pally and I absolutely hate playing it.
The only skills you really use would be:

0. Inquisition, which is a buff that takes 3 Holy Power to increase holy damage by 20%. You'll always have to make sure this buff is up, which is quite annoying.
1. Cast Judgment, which is a ranged instant cast.
2. Cast Exorcism, your other ranged instant.
3. Crusader Strike, your melee instant Holy Power generator.
4. Templar's Verdict, your holy power spender.

And then you would use Avenging Wrath(wings) and Guardian of Ancient Kings on cooldown every two minutes.

Your sustained damage will really suck, but every two minutes you'll kind of kick ass. Every other DPS class I have played so far (Mage, Hunter, Warlock and Windwalker) have been a LOT more fun and engaging than ret. If you are having fun with your Shaman, stick with it!
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3 years ago#3
DoomDen posted...
. If you are having fun with your Shaman, stick with it!

I agree with this.
Having both a Shaman and Paladin above 85, I enjoy the Shaman much, much more.
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3 years ago#4
Very interesting. I want to try the Monk but I don't have MoP yet. I guess I'll just save one for later.

Can Shaman solo older content well? For transmog and what not.
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3 years ago#5
Compare and contrast? What are you, a middle school Language Arts teacher?
3 years ago#6
Compare and contrast? What are you, a middle school Language Arts teacher?
3 years ago#7
I hate Rets in group play, but have a decent amount of fun with mine soloing. I very much prefer shamans and warriors though. Rets feel really slow.
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3 years ago#8
Rets are prob one of the most boring dps classes in the game.
3 years ago#9
Pallies are for tank and heals.
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3 years ago#10
At low item levels you might have some "downtime" in a retribution rotation unless this is different in 5.2. Additionally there are times when the number of holy power you have remaining determines your next ability. e.g. If everything is down except judgment and you have 4 holy power then you use judgment. If everything is down and you have 5 holy power then you use inquisition (if it needs refresh) or templar's verdict.

There is no downtime in an enhancement rotation, and there's no secondary resource to aggravate the rotation. It's also more "exciting" in the sense that variance in the rate of maelstrom weapon procs will always "keep you on your toes."

One thing to be noted is Paladins have an incredible amount of raid utility. Devotion Aura is an almost broken raid cooldown. Having two Paladins in the group almost trivializes Jin'Rokh the Breaker. My guild cleared the fight on 10-man normal without a paladin, but it was quite annoying. Paladins of course can provide stats or mastery depending on what you're missing. They also cause physical vulnerability to the target.

Shamans of course have a basically mandatory raid cooldown: Bloodlust/heroism. Enhancement will provide mastery, spell power, and attack speed.

Honestly they are both good choices.
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