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How does current post-nerf heroic HoF/ToES compare to normal ToT?

#1Genocet_10-325Posted 3/27/2013 4:40:17 PM
For a group in the same ilvl gear as each other, would they have a harder time in hhof/htoes or tot? up to what boss?
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#2FenriradramelkPosted 3/27/2013 8:12:42 PM
it's only 10% less damage from boss/mechanics, 10% less boss health (i think?), and 10% more damage/healing done (i think?)

It sounds like a lot of 10%'s that would add up somewhere, but pretty much all the fights last long enough that you still need to nail the mechanics properly; with some extra wiggle room on the DPS checks and HPS checks.

HoF; you'd probably still need to put in a lot of attempts on Vizier Zor'lok (if only because double attenuation in the last phase is a pita). Blade Lord literally nothing changes and Wind Lord is actually easier on heroic with a non-idiot group than it is on normal -- but most of the rest of the fights either don't gain much from the nerf, or still require you to do the execution very well without much wiggle room for error (eg: Amber Shaper might actually be harder depending on your strat if he goes down to the big add phase before you have adequate & refreshed stacks on the boss;; Empress would still be really rough on healers).

ToES, you probably wouldn't make it past Council without some organized, discussed strategy for dealing with the added mechanic. You could probably do Tsulong fairly easily (but still no one going full autism). Lei Shi is the easiest fight in that instance; you'd still need to manage the damage bonus from Scary Fog appropriately. Sha ... don't bother; phase 1 would be a bit easier, but phase 2 you'd still need a great amount of coordination managing the ball, tank taunt swaps//external CD's, add DPS, etc.
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