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Feral vs Balance

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3 years ago#1
I've decided to level my druid from 85 to 90 next, but I'm having trouble picking a spec. I've only ever played it as resto (I basically leveled solely through dungeons back in Cata), but since I already have a holy priest and resto shaman, I don't reeeeally want to level another healer. What is the state of the two druid DPS specs at the moment? Do you consider one more "fun" than the other? Is one "easier"? Just curious about opinions from a very casual perspective. I won't be looking to top meters or anything, just mess around and quest, do dungeons, and eventually LFRs.
3 years ago#2
i started as balance because it has all most the same gear as resto so if you want you can still heal at 90 i went feral i find it more fun
3 years ago#3
Neither one are hard. You have to manage resources in both, combo points for feral mana for the other, feral has a back positional spammer attack balance has to cast on the fly. I'd compare feral to a rogue and balance to a mage in terms of playstyles.

Keep your bleeds up and work in your roars between bites throw a faerie fire for debuff now and again. Pop cds when appropriate.
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3 years ago#4
I believe ferral dps is slightly better than balance right now but the difference isn't anthing massive.

I prefer playing as ferral dps over blance dps but this is just a personal preference of mine. You mention you have 2 healers already so if you are determined not to go resto I'd probably suggest levelling as ferral dps / guardian tank (for variety and quicker lfg queues).

I've got my 2nd druid to 85 a little before this weekend as balance/resto as oposed to my level 90 ferral/tank one and have to say my balance one feels a bit like a watered down mage to me so far.
3 years ago#5
I personally think feral is more fun, but I don't have a lot of experience with balance. And if you do feral you can (if you feel like it) switch to guardian and use more or less the same gear.
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