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Good Alliance server? I'm on literal Arthas.

#1JohnnyShred612Posted 3/31/2013 3:13:36 PM


My friend was like "dude transfer to Arthas it's a great Alliance server", then he quit a week later and I found out he's an idiot and it's 90% Horde.

I don't necessarily need a 90% Alliance server either, per se, but IoT is a freaking joke.
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#2JohnnyShred612(Topic Creator)Posted 3/31/2013 3:14:05 PM
Not to even mention I'm not sure there's more than one competent raid group on the faction.
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#3AshrahnPosted 3/31/2013 3:20:57 PM
Stormrage is a pretty decent server for Alliance, if PvE servers are your thing.
#4KokeiiPosted 3/31/2013 3:37:00 PM
Can you please explain your use of the word "literal" here?
#5Elemental_GuardPosted 3/31/2013 3:39:57 PM

find one yourself, but I'm on greymane and I'm having fun
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#6JohnnyShred612(Topic Creator)Posted 3/31/2013 4:17:41 PM
Kokeii posted...
Can you please explain your use of the word "literal" here?

My use of literal is metaphorically rhetorical.
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#7flashleetPosted 3/31/2013 4:21:22 PM(edited)

As in Arthas purging Alliance from the server metaphorical?
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#8HexrapperPosted 3/31/2013 4:27:38 PM
Proudmoore. I can count the recurring trade trolls on one hand, which is better than I can say for any other server I've been on. Highly populated, guaranteed people on at all times. There's a pretty decent Australian community on the server which helps with that. Transferred here over a year ago now and I have remained super pleased with my decision.
#9dj4242Posted 3/31/2013 4:31:17 PM
Ner'zhul is a fun server. Im mainly alliance and there seems to be an even amount of players.
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#10jul10Posted 3/31/2013 7:56:55 PM
or do the transfer to horde? Arthas is boss on horde
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