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what keeps me from playing horde is not the races, it's the architecture.

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  3. what keeps me from playing horde is not the races, it's the architecture.
3 years ago#1
i can't stand horde architecture(except the new forsaken stuff ,that's badass but too few). i like the alliance architecture. SW and IF are huge, well designed, clean cities with proper paved roads and civilized amenities.

horde stuff is all tribal and rudimentary. if the orcs could pave a damn road here and there, and install some buildings that don't look like prefabricated "insta-hut" buildings, then we'd talk.
3 years ago#2
So what you are basically saying is... you're not cool enough for the horde.
3 years ago#3
more like i prefer the civilized world >:(
3 years ago#4
I can agree with you on that one, never been too fond of the architecture myself either. Though in my case I am also neither too fond of the Undercity or Silvermoon. Undercity is cool looking in its own way, but something I wouldn't want to stick around too long. Silvermoon looks too red-ish to me, only problem I have with that place.
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3 years ago#5
compare stormwind and ironforge to anything the horde has and it's a joke. horde does have thunder bluff though, tribal as it is, it's really pretty.
3 years ago#6
Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I just can't give up my precious Stormwind and Ironforge. Too amazing.
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3 years ago#7
org really is an awful city, its a shame i spend 90% of my play time there

1. stormwind
2. silvermoon
3. ironforge
4. thunderbluff
5. exodar
6. darn
7. org
8. garbage city
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3 years ago#8
For me it's both races, architecture and the fact that they're plain evil. They care for none and have a power-hungry madman ruling them. And I play the brazilian version, where Blood Elves sound like nazis, Orcs and Trolls speak like that one black guy that just got arrested, Goblins talk like crooks, Tauren talk like they're about to unleash revenge on the world and Forsaken are... just Forsaken. Even the Pandaren you play start to talk like Akuma when you choose horde.
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3 years ago#9
SW is literally the worst city in the game before you get a flying mount

Ironforge is at least easy to navigate

The only thing I can really point out as being awful in Org is having the flight master on the top of the cliff(and requiring elevators to get there). The cleft of darkness isnt that bad(the only reason to go there now is if you're a mage/rogue/warlock, and the other districts have trainers as well), and you have four different auction houses to choose from and each one has an Inn right next to it.
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3 years ago#10
Undercity has the best layout of anywhere ever.
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  3. what keeps me from playing horde is not the races, it's the architecture.

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