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An epic from completing a scenario?

#1zero_x300Posted 4/3/2013 2:34:51 PM
I heard it was stupidly rare to get an epic piece from a scenario, but I just did my first one (Brewmoon), and in my cache I got an epic chest piece. Score?
#2PsoloquoisePosted 4/3/2013 2:40:02 PM
#3toolittletimePosted 4/3/2013 2:55:29 PM
Out of hundreds I have run I have only seen one person get one.
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#4metroidfreakv4Posted 4/3/2013 2:56:46 PM
I got one every scenario I ran. It made my enhance set be done within about 4 hours
#5SpookingPosted 4/3/2013 2:58:45 PM(edited)
I got an epic during one scenario and thought it was a good way to gear up, so I continued. After that, I only saw one OTHER person get one. So, I'll say I saw two epics (including mine) out of about 40-50 runs or so.
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#6NibsnPosted 4/3/2013 3:30:06 PM
I had an epic ring drop from trash during brewmoon, luckily it was a tanking ring on the tank I was trying to gear!

Other than that I've done a good amount, but usually only receive the standard 463 or 450 blues every 2 or 3 boxes.
#7Glockass1Posted 4/3/2013 3:38:13 PM
I had an epic necklace on my Shaman once but it was awful.
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#8metroidfreakv4Posted 4/3/2013 4:27:13 PM
Glockass1 posted...
I had an epic necklace on my Shaman once but it was awful.

Exactly. My shamans set was horribly itemized. I guess it's the price you pay for the ease of epics. It was fine for me though, the set was just for fun since I'm ele resto