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Earlier today a group asked me if I could help kill a Zandalari Warbringer...

#11LatiasSAPosted 4/4/2013 6:02:49 AM
You're lucky you even get to kill them, on my server I've never gotten the chance to get any groups whatsoever for zandalari warbringers because everyone here is a bunch of fight for survivial *** holes.
PM me about scrolls of res. I have 19 referrals left.
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#12NitroRatPosted 4/4/2013 7:07:34 AM
XtraT posted...
my reaction

You always find the weirdest ******* gifs.
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#13AshrahnPosted 4/4/2013 4:52:38 PM
It seems to have died down quite a bit on Mal'Ganis. I was passing through Dread Wastes on my hunter, saw one was up, went on my way and did some archaeology, came by again and saw it was still alive and then decided to invite some friends to kill it which took another 10 or so minutes. It's pretty crazy how sometimes that happens.
#14Toi1etDuckPosted 4/4/2013 11:19:12 PM
I really wish a mount had dropped and you had won it.

I really wish this.
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