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Best way to farm green transmog sets?

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3 years ago#1
I really want the full Bloodlust transmog set for my hunter but none of the pieces are on the AH. Has anyone farmed an old green transmog set before? Should I just go start killing mobs in Silithus or go run one of the old raids like AQ?
3 years ago#2
farm them the same way you farm for anything else, look up the category of mobs that should drop the items you want, and then spend several hours praying RNG is merciful. "best way" doesn't exist when it comes to farming greens, it's called praying for the most luck.

There is no trick whatsoever but many devoted wishful hours to grinding once you've figured out where exactly you'd like to do your grinding.
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3 years ago#3
Get a friend and check both auction houses. If yours doesn't have it, the other faction might. Then, use said friend to transfer it over.

Otherwise, welcome to FarmVille.
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