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What kind if WoW player are you?

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3 years ago#21
Egxamer1 posted...
TheGreatCheeze posted...
Dedicated #2 SWAG

(S)ecretly (W)e (A)re (G)@y

Used this on a pug raid leader the other day and i thought his head was going to actually explode from amount of fuming anger when 20 other people burst out laughing at this ass :P

Just like roflcopter and lol are actually satanist chants?
Timesplitters is the best game series ever! C/C The choice is clear.
3 years ago#22
Mixture of Hardcore 2 and Dedicated 1. I certainly don't live off of welfare/trust funds but I do raid to see the higher end content (not full clear of heroics, but just a few).
3 years ago#23
consider myself a casual player....wouldn't you? I started playing game right after BC was released, had to be level 40 before I had gotten my first mount.....those days....but I currently don't have a level 90 toon. I have 13 toons, one of each class and x2 Dks, x2 monks. Highest toons are 88,87,86 repectively, all my low level- 80 toons have full heirlooms, have pvp toons on pvp servers with heirlooms. I've server switched twice, name changed once, fraction changed zero. Own most store bought pets and mounts, including RaF mounts, Nightwing and Swift Zebra respectively. Don't have any special titles or achievements, other then getting Raven Lord mount by acident.....and I play about 2-4 hours a day, maybe 4 days a week.
3 years ago#24
dedicated1. currently 1/13 H on my main
3 years ago#25
Brawl FC- 2621-2574-6694
I am one can short of a six pack!- Dr. Weird
3 years ago#26
First casual option. Technically not even that. I don't have internet in my apartment until next month and haven't played WoW since 2010 but I'm seriously considering coming back in a few months.
3 years ago#27
There is no "the best" option...
3 years ago#28
What kind if

Just sayin
3 years ago#29
ryanell666 posted...
"If"? damn autocorrect

Just quoting.
3 years ago#30
Touche. The poll had me far too excited to be bothered to read the rest of the topic.
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