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I wish they would make.. (transmog topic)

#1ElaeusPosted 4/22/2013 2:35:09 AM(edited)
... the gear on Wandering Isle to be in green quality instead of white. Some of these things look really cool on pandaren. I like these kind of exclusive stuff like the monk blue items from Peak of Serenity.

I could see this working through a vendor in the same way the DKs' two starting sets were handled. After all DKs missed on 6 tiers of raiding so they got less options for transmog overall - monks missed on 13.

I also wouldn't mind a Tushui/Huojin capes added to the quartermasters in Stormwind/Orgrimmar. I have noticed yesterday for the first time that there is now a dedicated NPC for Huojin tabard and satchel standing next to the monk trainer in Orgrimmar while these used to be bought at the dragon turtle breeder. I think it's only suitable if they add these capes like all other races got you know?

Any items like that on your mind? I know alot of people would want legendaries and that's fine if it's how you run, but I mean more cheap item looks for instance. :)
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#2Moses_IncPosted 4/22/2013 2:45:15 AM
Barbie dress up.
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