Things to say on vent after a wipe

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User Info: tiger002

3 years ago#21
"So that's what that button does"
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User Info: thanatos313

3 years ago#22
MajinUltima posted...

"We were doing fine until we died horribly."

usin this for every wipe
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User Info: Rockeign

3 years ago#23
"Women. Am I right fellas?"

The line that single handedly got me blacklisted from all my future raids and guild in general.
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User Info: letsduthisnow02

3 years ago#24
"K, I'm back. Did I miss anything?"
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User Info: Xixil

3 years ago#25
GForceDragon posted...
Step it up, <lowest DPS>.

Lowest != bad though. There's ALWAYS going to be a lowest DPS, but there wont ALWAYS be a bad dps.

User Info: Atcat

3 years ago#26
Can we please kick the hunter doing 40k dps? I don't care if she sounds "hot". (This seriously happened and my guild got mad at me.)

User Info: Dinodude007

3 years ago#27
It's like one in a million, from the north corner to the middle, to the whelp cave. It's not even remotely imaginable!
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User Info: Crono3001

3 years ago#28
gotta be faster bro
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User Info: WaffIeElite

3 years ago#29
letsduthisnow02 posted...
"K, I'm back. Did I miss anything?"

This is great when you're the main tank/raid leader, used it a couple times.

User Info: RanmaRanma

3 years ago#30
"Remind me to never play drunk again."

"Oh that's why! [LOL] I'm in my pvp gear..."

"Who turned heroic mode on?"

"And then she said. "your buttocks.""

"Who let the ___ in?" (note: insert the race, gender, or moonkin of your choosing in the blank)

"Wait, were we trying to win?!"

"I heard someone say "wipe it," so... I did..."

"My gear's broke."

"I soloed this boss on my warlock... just saying."

"AFK: looking up this bosses' mechanics. Be back in 10."

"Umm, I think we were not supposed to die here..."

"BONESAW IS READY!!" (must have a passable Macho Man impersonation)

"What's this I hear about hotkeying things?"

"Screw you guys. I'm going home." (must have a passable Cartman impersonation)

"A wise man once said, "Wherever you go, there you are.""

"Guys, I seem to have a bad case of the death."

"Rez please. Running back is for pansies."

"Copy cats. I die first, and you all try to imitate me. Pathetic."

"Hey little sis, what are you doing playing on my account!?"

"No worries. Repairs are on ___, guys." (insert name of the person of your choosing in the blank.)
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