What is the main reason on why you don't play the opposing faction?

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User Info: rkade8583

3 years ago#31
I play Alliance now because Garrosh makes me feel like a war criminal every time I sign in on my main.
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User Info: Elaeus

3 years ago#32
I like both factions for different reason, but I do favor Horde even though I started as Alliance in classic.

Now that I am thinking about it, the reason I am Horde is that I am in the same guild for 6 years, and I DO prefer to remain Horde, but long run? Yeah I can totally see myself rerolling on the Alliance side if a miracle happened and I left this guild which I been with again for over 6 years. Won't even stop there and say "I will miss Horde" even if that's true because like I said I like both for different reasons.

In fact, I wish a miracle happens and I start fresh on the Alliance. I won't faction change any of my current characters because their accomplishments in my eyes belong to the Horde, but I would totally be up to starting a new.
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User Info: spankie666

3 years ago#33
Because its too much of a mission to start again. I love horde, in fact I have a horde tattoo. Yet I play alliance. Why? because I have invested too much time into my (once upon a time) alt and now developed a love for that class/character. "Why not just race change him?" you ask because I play with a friend who prefers alliance.

User Info: GateCaptain

3 years ago#34
Cynghanedd posted...
I'm an adult, why would I play anything but Alliance?

hehe The sad thing is most kids roll horde on my server :( and I like the horde so I either restart on a new sever and.....take a year to re-earn all my stuff. Or I suffer Alliance BS.

User Info: thebladeofwoe

3 years ago#35
I main an alliance warrior. But my alt is a resto/ele horde shaman.

Trolls are awesome, i love the starting area and org, yet i love SW too.

Once my main is capped and geared (as geared as one gets, while being a LFR hero right?) i will continue my sexy shaman.
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User Info: ishingo69

3 years ago#36
I usually pick humans as my first character in games, which obviously sent me to the Alliance. Like someone said earlier, familiarity kept me there. But, when I tried Horde, I noticed the players were......let's just say "not nice". I knew my class, but I didn't know the locations of things (Org is confusing), and people would curse me out for asking questions of almost any kind. Yeah, I could google anything, but why would I want to be part of a community that wouldn't WANT to help a "new" player out. And I won't even start on dungeon party behavior.
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User Info: gamefaqwatcher

3 years ago#37
I played alliance because i wanted to play dwarf. Nothing about lore or good /bad sides. I didn't bother to play horde because i prefered spending the time elsewhere.
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User Info: Glockass1

3 years ago#38
We got bored playing Horde for 4 years straight so me and my friends decided to go Alliance.
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User Info: redundancies

3 years ago#39
My friends played Horde when I started and I stuck with it ever since. I do have an Alliance character that I dust off every now and then, but have only played it a little bit in Pandaria.

User Info: Giantwaspface

3 years ago#40
The Alliance races are just so... boring. Humans, short humans, even shorter humans, purple humans with big ears, werewolf humans, and those blue goat things with man-boobs.

Oh, and for the most part, they aren't even interesting variations on those over-done fantasy races; they are the most cliched and boring possible. Dwarfs drink beer, elves are tree huggers, blah de blah de blah...
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