Oh Wrathion (5.4 spoilers)

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User Info: AC Unit

AC Unit
3 years ago#1
You crazy.

"Wait what?"
The most appropriate response to most things these days.

User Info: SA_X_Mk_II

3 years ago#2
"like auntie Onyxia"

That line made me laugh more than it should have.
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User Info: Black_Mage_Meee

3 years ago#3
Wasn't she technically his sister?

User Info: Elaeus

3 years ago#4
confirmed boss next expansion
My heart just wouldn't be in it, you know? Haven't got one.

User Info: kingdrake2

3 years ago#5
didn't expect that to happen.
They literally gave him the keys to the kingdom and he pissed it all away--dragonballer88

User Info: LinkofHyrule991

3 years ago#6
High King indeed

Wrathion is the best
It's over, you've lost the game. -Near
I don't remember Redd White changing his name to Bandit Keith. Not even in America.-Aceburner

User Info: Kreyyn

3 years ago#7
Elaeus posted...
confirmed boss next expansion

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User Info: Little Zardar

Little Zardar
3 years ago#8
Challenge Mode Extraordinaire, Fashionista, and Brawler's Guild Superstar.

User Info: SnackMachine

3 years ago#9
So he pretty much confirms the Alliance just leaves Orgrimmar without doing ****. So much for the Alliance getting their moment that Metzen has been playing up since Theramore.

User Info: ToadstoolPeach

3 years ago#10
Wrathion is expressing the frustrations of lore fans.
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