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3 years ago#1
Least Favorite Class You've Played: - Results (278 votes)
9.71% (27 votes)
6.47% (18 votes)
Death Knight
7.55% (21 votes)
9.35% (26 votes)
6.83% (19 votes)
19.78% (55 votes)
10.43% (29 votes)
11.87% (33 votes)
10.07% (28 votes)
7.91% (22 votes)
This poll is now closed.
If Monk.. tough luck vote something else lol.
M's 2014
3 years ago#2
I have a 90 Mage, Shaman, Priest, Paladin. I have an 86 DK and 85 Warrior.

It's a choice between DK and Paladin. I'd level my warrior, but Prot is awful so no point.
3 years ago#3
Voted Druid because it was the first that came to mind, but it's probably tied for Druid and Warrior. I've enjoyed about every other class I've played except those two and I've leveled both of them up a bit, multiple times, to at least give them a shot. Never sticks.
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3 years ago#4
Probably warrior. Always has been really.
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3 years ago#5
Hunter. At my high, I had a max level of everything...except a hunter. Felt so mind numbing playing one.
3 years ago#6
I have to say right now it's close between Mage and Priest.

I loved my Mage in Cata but the changes in Mists just made Fire not as fun to me and I never could get into Arcane or Frost.
I mean, Alter Time + PoM was fun but the level 90 talents sucked.
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3 years ago#7
Druid easily.
Paul "The Kingslayer" George
3 years ago#8
Rogue any spec, Druid any spec except Resto. Shaman and Mage are the two classes I haven't tried so I can't really judge there.
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3 years ago#9
why do you people hate playing a druid? i think it's a blast. maybe i'm an idiot.
(guardian/balance on mine)
3 years ago#10

Tanking sucks and melee DPS sucks even harder. At least DKs are good for soloing.
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