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Now that the expansion is basically over, favorite zone from it?

#1pres_madagascarPosted 9/20/2013 12:29:47 PM
Favorite mop + patches zone? - Results (161 votes)
Jade forest
27.33% (44 votes)
Valley of the four winds
18.01% (29 votes)
Krasarang wilds
4.35% (7 votes)
Kun lai
10.56% (17 votes)
Townlong steppes
2.48% (4 votes)
Dread wastes
9.94% (16 votes)
Isle of thunder
5.59% (9 votes)
Timeless isle
19.25% (31 votes)
Isle of giants
2.48% (4 votes)
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#2InfestedAdamPosted 9/20/2013 12:43:14 PM
Valley of the Four Winds for me since it reminds me a lot of the Shire from Lord of the Rings and I personally just love the whole setting and environment.
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#3Little ZardarPosted 9/20/2013 12:48:59 PM
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#4Little ZardarPosted 9/20/2013 12:49:54 PM
I'm assuming Krasarang Wilds includes the 5.1 hubs? If so, that. Best daily hub since Isle of Quel'Danas.
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#5Wyrmwarrior5Posted 9/20/2013 12:57:03 PM
I really liked Krasarang Wilds, since it felt a lot more like a proper jungle than other similar zones. Had really great atmosphere overall.
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#6pres_madagascar(Topic Creator)Posted 9/20/2013 1:05:04 PM
On three 90's I never went to Krasarang, always Valley and then Kun lai. Valley is my favorite zone because I love the look and quest progression of it. I'm leveling a horde guy now, I think I'm gonna take him into Krasarang since I've literally never done any quests there other than 5.1 stuff.
This is the prowess of CE. Romantic masters, clearly:
#7Emerald_WyvernPosted 9/20/2013 2:32:57 PM
Jade Forest. Amazing music and visuals, an excellent setup for MoP's story, and it's fun.
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#8RebelElite791Posted 9/20/2013 2:34:34 PM
Timeless Isle. Idk they're all really crappy.
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#9dj4242Posted 9/20/2013 3:01:41 PM
Dread Wastes. Klaxxi quests were my favorite.
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#10Haley Joel OsmentPosted 9/20/2013 3:09:27 PM
VotFW by far. Farming is more enjoyable than raiding.

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