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What have you sacrificed for WoW?

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2 years ago#1
What have you sacrificed for WoW? - Results (292 votes)
Relationship with family and friends
2.4% (7 votes)
5.82% (17 votes)
Tme...lots of time
47.6% (139 votes)
Physical health
3.08% (9 votes)
All of the above
22.6% (66 votes)
Nothing really
18.49% (54 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Vote and comment please!
2 years ago#2
Who hasn't sacrificed money to play, aside from maybe those who have exclusively played on pirate servers.
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2 years ago#3
I've saved money. I would be spending that $15 a month and then some on new games every month. Instead I play WoW. I would be spending all the time I play WoW playing other games.
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2 years ago#4
None of the above: Only thing that really was sacrificed for it was grades during high school and 1st semester of college. Then I managed to get it under control and get my grades up.

Note: "under control" means "I've barely raided outside of LFR since DS"
2 years ago#5

my boss fired me

my gf left me

ive grown obese in the years since ive begun playing

but when i log on everyday, i can tell myself its okay. because ill always have the world of azeroth
2 years ago#6
I see no options for "virgins to the volcano and sun gods", what is this?
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2 years ago#7
The money option is not really a valid one I suppose unless you really need that 10 Eu/month in which case you shouldn't be subscribed to begin with.

Personally nothing was sacrificed considering that before I get into MMOs in general (FFXI then WoW then Aion is about everything I played/still play and only one a time) I was a console gamer so the time I would have spent playing WoW I would be playing another title otherwise -to a lesser degree maybe with how life is at the moment and considering the nature of MMOs-.
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2 years ago#8
My main since Vanilla has almost 300 days played, so time, definetly time.
2 years ago#9
c0sa n0stra posted...
My main since Vanilla has almost 300 days played, so time, definetly time.

You could almost have a graduate degree with that amount of time invested.
2 years ago#10
Nothing especially. Can't even say I've sacrificed time, since I'd have used that time equally unproductively playing other games anyway. I still have a strong social life, my relationships with my partners, my friends, a steady and well-paid job, and still play music as much. So I've not given up anything in particular.
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