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<Portent Tortoise> is a thing, and it is for Alliance dudes on Turalyon-US

#1angrywalrus13Posted 12/15/2013 1:40:21 PM
There are probably several of us who, for whatever reason - whether it be friends that have left, dead servers, or just play style - spend a good deal of our time playing this game alone. We've limited ourselves to matchmaking tools and our "progression" is centered around LFR and the occasional PuG. That's fine and dandy for only so long, though, until you realize something:

WoW is fun with friends.

I have had a little bank guild for over a year, and somehow it has turned into a thing with actual people in it. I would like to use this guild for a somewhat modest purpose. I would like to ask those of you who, like me, have run short on friends to play with in WoW to come together and make WoW fun again.

Our goal is modest: to provide a hangout for people to play together in their off time. It's an "alt" guild; one you play in for something different. It's a guild for building networks, making friends, etc. We want our members to log on and see friends online that they can play with. It doesn't need to be a huge community for that; with our small numbers it already feels like "home" to me.

For those who don't care about sappy crap and what to know what we're actually planning on:
As broad and abstract as my vision for the guild is, we do have set goals in mind. The "ultimate dream," so to speak, is to get a group of 10-25 (realistically in the low-mid teens) friends to run a Flex group together, as well as taking down some Challenge Modes (likely before Flex). Small, simple goals, and definitely very long-term ones. Most of us are leveling new characters from scratch, so there's no real rush or anything. In the meantime, we're enjoying each others' company as we level characters and do whatever.

It's not really impressive or anything, but above all we really enjoy playing together, and that's an experience a lot of us haven't really had in a while, and we would love to share it with as many people as we can!

If you're interested in fartin' around and building a network of really terrible GameFAQs posters, feel free to add Thomx#1518 as a friend, or make a character on Turalyon-US and type "/who Portent Tortoise" for a list of people online who can send you an invite. Feel free to whisper any of 'em, they'll be happy to do so. Please include your GameFAQs name when you do, though! (Also do change your guild note such that it includes your GameFAQs name in it once you join!)

Hope to see a few of you in-game soon.

For those of you looking to take this opportunity to level a new class, I will be reserving the next post with a list of classes that would be useful to us! There's no pressure to level any specific class, but if you want to use it to aid in deciding what you want to make, feel free!
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#2angrywalrus13(Topic Creator)Posted 12/15/2013 1:44:43 PM(edited)
This space reserved for super duper important stuff

Please get in touch with me (either post here or PM me) for a quick reminder what you plan to level so I can get a quick idea of what we could use composition-wise. Thankee!

Classes we could use:
Balance Druids

Any variety of tank or healer would also be welcome.
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#3Coop14Posted 12/15/2013 2:07:18 PM(edited)
Warlock Thom!

My ign is Apollosin for anyone wondering if they need to know.

Woot woot. :D

Also join us! We are a fun group.
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#4TheGreatCheezePosted 12/15/2013 1:59:05 PM
SV Hunter.

But I guess Resto Shaman since I have been kicked from the guild on that specific character.
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#5Khaos0verlordPosted 12/15/2013 2:04:52 PM
Dunno if ive been recoreded already but im A Prot Pally, im only level 20 tho :( my Characters name is HolyOverlord
GT: Khaos 0verlord
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#6Ness0123456789Posted 12/15/2013 2:26:59 PM(edited)
I shall shamelessly plug my Battletag here again for those who want to do stuffs with me!

Bladesyphon#1414 Add at your liesure, just set a notation when you send me a request so I know you're from GameFAQs, and not an Oqueue spam name or something like that. Permanent friends are important, Oqueue friends get deleted!

I'll get around to making an alt on Turaylon at some point...eventually..maybe..Until than, Battletag!
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#7That1GuyyPosted 12/15/2013 2:44:11 PM
Caladus is a ret paladin, but I'd like to try tanking on him. I hope to level a Holy priest and use him for dungeon healing. I'm going to level a rogue for pickpocketing, so LOL at using him for actual PvE. I will also make a druid and will spec him whatever you want me to.
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#8angrywalrus13(Topic Creator)Posted 12/15/2013 2:46:22 PM
That1Guyy posted...
Caladus is a ret paladin, but I'd like to try tanking on him. I hope to level a Holy priest and use him for dungeon healing. I'm going to level a rogue for pickpocketing, so LOL at using him for actual PvE. I will also make a druid and will spec him whatever you want me to.

Just focus on whatever you want! Don't need to spread yourself so thin.
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#9scarecrowsPosted 12/15/2013 3:33:24 PM
I wanted my first post to be meaningful.
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#10B1g_ClownPosted 12/15/2013 3:33:31 PM
tldr please

also, can I join?