Low FPS since pandaria...

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3 years ago#1
Ok... more then a year ago, I could play this game on ultra with ease and get over 30 FPS with ease and would only drop to 25 fps when I was in stormwind where there are hundreds of players running and flying around, being AFK or in the shop...

Now I came back and I barely get 20 fps on GOOD and only get above 30 fps on everything LOW... The only thing that changed is that pandaria came up (still don't have cata or that expansion). And no, no overheating. I play Batman Origins with 40 fps everything on HIGH, Borderlands 2 on 40 fps NORMAL-HIGH and play Guild Wars 2 30-40 fps most of the time... I tested these games, but it's only WoW...

And no, I don't have applications running or did I have addons on WoW. Nothing changed, except me not playing it for more then a year and then coming back. Please help.

one of My friends have a much lower pc (he can play minecraft 21 fps while I get 60 FPS, and he plays with 40 fps WoW while I'm stuck with 19).

Nvidia Geforce gt 630m - 2gb
i7 3610QM, 2,3 GHz
memory 8GB

Please help, Every other game is normal except WoW. I don't want to play on LOW with barely 30 fps...
3 years ago#2
it's the particle effects. blizz LOVES particle effects now. they're in practically everything, especially pandaria. they're also notoriously demanding for such an old game. even a lot of decent systems are having trouble.

you're gonna have to tweak effects further. it'll take a while.
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3 years ago#3
exactly what do I have to tweak? I get barely 30 fps, while my friend plays with 40+ while he can barely play any other game. (minecraft is too demanding for him). If I can't find answer, I guess maybe I have to uninstal, re-instal?
3 years ago#4
i get 60 fps. i forget what i had to tweak, but i know i had to mess with grass clutter, light shafts, water, particle effects, tessellation, etc..

you're going to have to really turn stuff down. but good news is you'll be able to bring up a few things too.
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3 years ago#5
no, I did what you said and even with all those off or low, I still barely get 25 fps... I even only get 19 fps on the login screen. How do you explain that? The problem has to lie elsewhere.
3 years ago#6
I get 400FPS!

Anyway I think you can low the particle effects with some command lines. You can use some commands that increase the particle effects so it would make sense if you could also lower them. I can't remember the exact command right now but a quick search should come up with something. Putting in something like true HD in wow might give you some results.
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