New arakkoa model

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User Info: dirtchili

2 years ago#1
Apparently they put on some weight in BC
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User Info: reiko sawamura

reiko sawamura
2 years ago#2
Wow, they no longer look like hunchbacks.
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User Info: socialUnknown

2 years ago#3
Hmm... those are prettyful. Needs to be player race!

User Info: Ness0123456789

2 years ago#4
socialUnknown posted...
Hmm... those are prettyful. Needs to be player race!
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User Info: ArtosRC

2 years ago#5
Awesome models.
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User Info: BigBoss2021

2 years ago#6
There goes another couple of raid tiers.
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User Info: mooninomics

2 years ago#7
That is badass.

I'd roll one if they became available.
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User Info: Perascamin

2 years ago#8
At first I thought you were saying they put on weight in WoD, and I was like uhhmmmm
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User Info: Elaeus

2 years ago#9
Honestly looks amazing but I don't want a new playable race. Just a class.

I play a pandaren and yet being neutral they still leaves a bitter taste of sort.
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User Info: Giantwaspface

2 years ago#10
I prefer the "Dark Crystal" style Arakkoa. Sure, they were blatantly ripped-off from said movie, but at least I got a nice nostalgia buzz from them.
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