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What is your favourite 'sound effect' in the game?

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11 months ago#31
Bloodlust. . .it's one of the few sounds I remember. I know I'm missing out on some entertaining voice acting but I don't want to hear any of the racket. Not enough energy. That's too far. This hurts my face.
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11 months ago#32
hammer of the righteous. clankkkkk
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11 months ago#33
Chaos Bolt
LAVA BURST!!!, specially when the extras proc
The sound when you change specs
Run away, little girl!
Work complete
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11 months ago#34
After playing the beta, Final Verdict sounds awesome
11 months ago#35
I really miss the original sound effect for when you cast Redemption.
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11 months ago#36
A white hit when using a 2handed axe, such a satisfying sound.

Horn of Winter for Dks
Male/female vanilla orcs dying animation/sound
Kill Command
Ogres dying sound
Quillboar death sound (I like things dying a lot apparently)
Kidney Shot
The level up ding
Male troll death sound
Mining a node
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11 months ago#37

male dwarf /cheer "Faantastic!"
11 months ago#38
W2 bloodlust is better
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11 months ago#39
"Taz'dingo!" and "rarararraraaarrrggghhh!" are my 2 favorites. Coincidentally, my shaman is a male troll now (was a female orc.)

Slightly behind Hammer of the Righteous and Avenger Shield; basically protection paladin spells.
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11 months ago#40
I guess I've done too many tiers as Prot paladin to not dread most of their sounds, but wings still sounds cool.
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  3. What is your favourite 'sound effect' in the game?

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