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T4 vs T5 pally tank shoulders (Archived)Kabam090986/1/2008
Does alchemists stone drop? Or do you have to make it? (Archived)ShadyDude76/1/2008
Best battleground for Honor? (Archived)AlbelThe_Wicked56/1/2008
Can somebody give me a difficulty ranking of heroics? (Archived)
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Dark Link 0246/1/2008
anyone think they gonna do this to us? (Archived)Neopian106/1/2008
Rate this situation in a raid (Archived)WarShredder26/1/2008
Proposed post-WotLK Feral druid build (Archived)Parakarry10146/1/2008
Say I've levelled my Warrior in Fury, and only have **** welfare dps gear but (Archived)scales46/1/2008
Engineering 1-350? (Archived)KenshinHimoora56/1/2008
My common.mpq is messed up, can I use another one from a different computer? (Archived)Town_Drunkard16/1/2008
so, i dont follow builds. like, at all (Archived)dak0tah106/1/2008
good tanking sword? (Archived)sonicspeed50056/1/2008
Wanting to Switch from Holy to Prot (Archived)stonewall_hero46/1/2008
The only thing I cant wait for is... (Archived)TJSloan88536/1/2008
Friend wants to give me his account, Forgot secret answer though (Archived)
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whats the best way to play as an affliction warlock? (Archived)musicman86106/1/2008
Greatest Class Ever!! (Archived)Greacer106/1/2008
whats wrong with the forums? (Archived)mark_46/1/2008
Need Help Choosing a Healer Class (Archived)Shadow13579376/1/2008
Warriors getting buffed, Priests getting nerfed... (Archived)
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