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Which is more wanted for normal 5-mans, heroics, and raids as a tank? (Archived)SerbiaOwns35/30/2008
Price of a mongoose enchant (Archived)ColdOne66665/30/2008
I challenge you guys to find an even worse ratio than these: (Archived)
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Now I'm usually not one to reason like this, but I think the game itself is (Archived)scales105/30/2008
how often does the bop solid star or elune recipe drop from heroic kael??? (Archived)XxOneWorldxX35/30/2008
I remember... (Archived)T4UR3N75/30/2008
Sigh. Zulaman Bear boss(Nalorakk) (Archived)
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Cant decide what healer class to roll.. (Archived)xXMaxie360Xx75/30/2008
Lock Profession (Archived)chaos_belmont65/30/2008
now what? (Archived)whatpie45/30/2008
Coming back to wow with the WotLK expansion (Archived)
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HOW important is MANA FEED for PVP? (Archived)antara235/30/2008
+Healing Milestones for PvE (Archived)
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Death Knight Question (Archived)
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So ive got a warlock... :) (Archived)
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How do Gold Sellers make any money? Or is Blizz too nice? (Archived)Spikie85285/30/2008
There should be just a straight out Deathmatch BG (Archived)
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DK Starter area. (Archived)
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All of my textures are gone, screenie inside.. (Archived)Xplosivv85/30/2008
a guild question (Archived)toehunter35/30/2008