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CRZ ruined dalaranNade Duck89/28 3:09PM
Transmog questionLegendary_Musas29/28 2:13PM
Never been this excited for something WoW related in a long timenativeboi8529/28 2:04PM
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Kyerofox129/28 2:00PM
I think Thrall might have a heel turn in this expansion.mooninomics59/28 1:54PM
Can you level a character whilst leveling Battle pets? From 88-90thefearedmonstr89/28 1:25PM
Something I don't quite get about item level requirements...
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DarkfireAxel209/28 1:01PM
Trying to make a macroi-got-cookies39/28 11:06AM
How are random groups for low-level dungeons?cornflake49/28 10:03AM
Free trial?XxTwisted26xX39/28 8:05AM
i have a 85 hunter. does doing the Cata raids give good xp?Retro_Cuddles59/28 6:28AM
What am I doing wrong?
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i-got-cookies169/28 5:32AM
Is it just me or new female models are less sexually attractive?Shuriko109/28 5:30AM
As someone who didn't play until Cata/Pandaria, Karazhan questionLegendary_Musas89/28 5:24AM
Will Vol'Jin be in Grommash hold in 6.0?Legendary_Musas49/28 5:16AM
The story for Warlords of Draenor actually looks pretty good.Rika_Furude79/28 4:29AM
Just given 72 hour ban for using a levelling bot...
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RivenSoko579/28 2:35AM
Lords of War Part Five - Maraad
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Fishman_1337169/28 1:08AM
[WOD SPOILERS] absolute undisputable undeniable proof of horde favoritism
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stopreadnamethx169/27 11:27PM
Those Cata dungeonsultradinosaur79/27 10:51PM