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TopicCreated ByMsgsLast Post parents just banned me from playing as a lock.
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Kinny1005811/27 11:01AM
LFR would be much better if it took into account player performance
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Branchos1111/27 10:56AM
Did someone change fishing?Mobile_Platform811/27 10:54AM
New Trinket proc idea: A battle pet comes to assist you?Selite411/27 10:50AM
game won't download.malicemizerfan111/27 10:49AM
Are the garrison missions you receive semi-based on what abilities/traits...SnackMachine211/27 9:19AM
Is Salvage Yard level 3 as bad as they say?
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Glockass11211/27 8:58AM
Doesn't get much better than the Core Hound mount.metralo811/27 8:56AM
just snagged pretty legit name for hunter...what RACE?!
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psnDemon_SouL1311/27 8:54AM
You know what is going to be really funny? Gold proving grounds...
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1marioandluigi12111/27 8:47AM
Swapblaster is the best item in the gamewave5111/27 8:29AM
PvP gear in WoDsch19311/27 7:39AM
pvp ilvl questionSnake855711/27 7:32AM
Proving grounds whining
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asmodai485411/27 7:24AM
Anyone can tell me the perfect garrison setup to max Burnished Leather gainRedLotusX411/27 6:44AM
what's fastest way to blasted lands @ level 55? portal got removed in cleft of
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PlCCOLO1311/27 6:33AM
Nok Karrosh loot list bribery?1marioandluigi1111/27 6:30AM
I have a few classes stuck in the 20s and not sure what to level (Poll)dj4242711/27 6:10AM
Sooo they nerfed numbers bit time...
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gymnast_791611/27 5:34AM
So is powerleveling dead now? (No, not supporting it)contown411/27 5:20AM