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Retribution is fun to play and rogues are not for mechicksboii27/20 4:00AM
Is this screen shaking part of the pre-Legion event?pegusus12345627/20 3:24AM
If anyone's interested in trying out the new Action Cam feature...Blackstar11017/20 1:08AM
Worth getting back in now for patch?xbxfrk6107/20 12:45AM
Seals of inevitable fate, where?Neo2k17/19 11:58PM
Did they buff mythic dungeons?pegusus12345657/19 10:42PM
i cannot believe how well the tome of illusions are selling for. 6-8k?Flamechamp233387/19 6:48PM
Holy f*** I forgot Heart Strike was coming backASithLord717/19 6:25PM
Class question(s)chrask0057/19 5:14PM
Are crafting changes coming tomorrow?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Jack_Wraith187/19 4:40PM
Anyone want to level new characters after the prepatch?Goatthief67/19 4:22PM
Gearing up now?Stanemac1227/19 3:48PM
Can't see the number on Health and Mana /Focus /Energy /Rage /Runic Power BarRedLotusX57/19 3:07PM
How many artifact weapons can you have at once?Viper11437/19 2:36PM
So only class changes and new transmog system tomorrow?smackfan107/19 1:28PM
Looks like some realms have gone offlineMonday107/19 1:13PM
shamans can't add plate gears to collections ? (new patch question please)elken77/19 12:49PM
"New" information about NOST, and the possibilities of Legacy Servers!
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ]
Joker_X_II997/19 12:44PM
New Patch Monk MistweaverDontBeBooty67/19 12:37PM
Am I correct in assuming all our add-ons will break today?Monday97/19 12:05PM
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