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8 years ago#1

Right, so i have an Nvidia Geforce 9600GT with SM4.0 and 512Mb GDDR3 memory. It's not a top-of-the-range card, but it IS however, still a very powerful card. What i cannot understand is why Black and White 2, and it's expansion BotGs, do not allow me to set up the graphics to full in the Custom options. I could do it on my older card, why not now?

I've tried looking in the graphics.config file but of course, my card is not listed as it's new.

Anyone know any tricks to getting the game to recognise my card and enable full graphics options?

8 years ago#2
Ahh, I resolved the problem myself. The game thinks my 9600GT Geforce, is actually a 9600Pro Radeon, hence the gimped graphics options. I went into the graphics.config and changed the settings for the 9600 Radeon, and all is fixed :) If the same happens to anyone else here, try this fix. If in doubt, just change every graphics card on the list to high settings :D
8 years ago#3
yeah, we know :)
8 years ago#4
explain,i don't understand what to do
8 years ago#5
8 years ago#6
I just loaded the game up myself....I have an 8600 GT XXX (I know I know but whatever it plays all my current games on high settings) Anywho, I'll try this out tonight when I get home. Any hint of where the file is?
8 years ago#7

Hey, was having the same problem. Have the same card, and you know what, I totally had a hunch it was doing that too.

Also, if anyone is playing the game at 1680x1050 Res, and you notice the mouse is laggy, turn it up, the normal settings are for 1024x768, so it won't move as well.

Just a heads up on that one for that issue as well. Thanks A TON dude!

8 years ago#8

Can anyone help me I'm running an Intel G33/G31 chipset with GMA 3100 Chips...I think

Try as I might none of the graphics alterations I am making in the config file work can anyone tell ne which one I need to edit and to roughly what set up, or how to add my chip to the list?

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