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Battle Trophy Tips - Second Edition

#361Noy11385Posted 11/30/2008 7:52:01 AMmessage detail
I know, but at least I don't have to worry about those two anymore. Anyway, I guess I'll try the level one trophy on the universe, which will be on me third, play through, and I'm still on my first, I guess I got a long way to go. Oh yeah, for the types of enemies and the like, to fully get those trophies, do I have to kill the moon shadow leader in my play through? Also, What is the strongest mp damage item I can use for the albel 1 fight with out the use of items from the workshop? Ty in advance.
#362Generic_PancakePosted 12/11/2008 2:20:23 PMmessage detail
I know it's collecting battle trophies, since I got one prior to that ):

Seriously, this is weird.
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#363theMessengerPosted 12/11/2008 5:39:09 PMmessage detail
hey for the guard X amount of times trophy I got them all in one fight. It was against the chimera. What I did was I waited for him to use his charge attack then I ran up behind him and with the ring wave AAA set it pushed him back. There was enough time to run up behind him and do it again. Eventually I was able to push him up to the wall. After that I just had my other two characters run up and put the controller down XD

When I came back he was dead and I had my trophies : )
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#364Noy11385Posted 12/14/2008 12:16:07 PMmessage detail
You can also get the x guard and 0 damage in x consecutive times by fighting tarantulas in the krilsa caverns, its also easier if there are two, all you had to do is have to chars, one from above and another bellow with a third in the middle. The first two, should stand near the spider's behind, though this is the earliest, there is a chance that you can get, for the 0 or no damage for x consecutive time, just make sure your fury is not perfect and be at the spider's back when he uses the skill that hits all around it, which is what you have to wait for to get the guard, to be more sure of the 0 damage for x consecutive, get the armor from the first city you come to in elicor, you should have it by selling the regeneration symbols, dropped by the skeletons in the aquaducts, 40+ pcs should do. I got this trophies at my first visit to krilsa caverns, with me three starting party fully equipped with airigly's best armors and weapons, hope this helps.
#365PandamaarePosted 12/14/2008 12:43:16 PMmessage detail
Oh yeah, for the types of enemies and the like, to fully get those trophies, do I have to kill the moon shadow leader in my play through?
As the leader himself drops trophies, I don't see why you won't fight him, also that is not Roger's recruitment scene, that isjust so you have an option of recruiting him if you you do his following scenes.

Also, What is the strongest mp damage item I can use for the albel 1 fight with out the use of items from the workshop?
From the top of my head, anything that does mp damage is from IC, there are some stones but I do not know if they do MP damage. They're also a pain to gather so Icing is better, only if you're doing a no IC run and still want some interruption items.
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#366ShiningDrakePosted 1/7/2009 1:40:20 PMmessage detail
I was using Albel's Crimson Scourge (attack decision 1) and I noticed that the hit counter went up by 2 with every one of his regular attacks, does it really not count as two hits for BTs?
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#367ShiningDrakePosted 2/14/2009 8:57:52 AMmessage detail
Just great, it's a dead sticky...
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#368Dragon FogelPosted 3/8/2009 10:21:32 PMmessage detail
The Attack Decision thing is for the "Defeat Boss with Only X" trophies. You need to get 50 hits with the specified attack for it to count. (Only attacks by the character you control are considered for the trophy; so the minimum requirement is probably there to prevent you from getting all of them by not attacking at all and letting the AI do all the work.)

However, if you have Attack Decision on, the extra hits from it will not count towards the 50 hits. I'm not sure if it automatically disqualifies you or just doesn't count as a hit, but either way you shouldn't have it on if you're going for those. (Incidentally, Major Attacks Only and Minor Attacks Only mean *regular* attacks, not Battle Skills.)

As far as I know, it should be fine for the "Number of Hits" Battle Trophies, though.

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#369PolygonPosted 6/22/2009 7:06:58 PMmessage detail
I can't believe this wasn't listed anywhere else (I looked) but you can get the "Avoid Fire Bolt 50 Consecutive Times" Trophy by equipping a fire-absorption item and getting hit with it over and over. Maybe it was listed somewhere and got deleted; I dunno.
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