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Just got to Gemity, Suggestions? *Spoilers*

#11Torankusu3540Posted 2/4/2008 9:56:41 PM
*Slight Spoilers*
I spent like 14 hours (way too long) fighting "Get em! Twin Beast" at trip EXP. and Dbl FOL. I made over 3 million in FOL and at 20K EXP a fight, it is, in my opinion, the best place to level. The enemies are easy as pie for Cliff and/or Fayte to beat up, and just control the low lv. character and make sure they don't die. You'll be gettin a lv. per fight (alot more then 1 per fight for lower level characters) till around lv.50, then a level every 2 fights. I got Fayte in the mid 90s, Albel and Cliff mid 80s, and every other character mid 70s. And I have every character and I haven't even beaten the game. I just finished the Shrine of Kadaan for the second time. It's worth 6 hours, maybe a lil more, if you're kind of underleveled.
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#12LadysoalluringPosted 2/5/2008 5:54:23 AM
I prefer the low level characters taking a more active role myself. It's kind of boring to hang back and not particapte in the fight. Each to their own though.
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#13Torankusu3540Posted 2/5/2008 3:31:33 PM
They can't really participate till they get to around lv.40+ and close to 10K HP cause the beasts will kill them easily. When I went to lv. Adrey he was at lv.30 something and 7K+ HP and he got ownd in 2 hits. It was really hard to keep him alive unless I played him and kept him out of the fight. I ended up using 5-10 healing items a fight, which isn't too bad for a couple fights, but it starts pinching your wallet after 10 of em or so. Depends on your money situation though, and you will get most of it back with the win... It just got annoying haveing to heal him all the time.
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#14VelariPosted 2/6/2008 9:39:54 AM
They can't really participate till they get to around lv.40+ and close to 10K HP cause the beasts will kill them easily.

Strange. I recall Lady completing pretty much the entire game with a solo level 1 Peppita.

I myself and others have also done the forced fights after getting Peppita solo with her without gaining any experience outside of said forced fights.

I don't recall those fights being any harder with just Sophia from her starting level, either.

Oh, and level 40+ at that point is pretty overlevelled to begin with *shrug*

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#15Torankusu3540Posted 2/6/2008 3:28:03 PM
I'm just sayin from my experience. I never use nor like Peppita. And how can you stay lv.1 through the whole game? Plus I hear Peppita's uber strong if you put some good items on her.

Adrey not as good as Peppita, he dies easy for me no matter what level he is. Sophia's the same if she's not set on healing and recovery. But everyone else the beasts just killed em in 2-3 hits cause they didn't run away and sat there and took it.
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#16KaikuroPosted 2/6/2008 6:02:13 PM
If you decide to do the Ranking Battle mode in the arena, Poison the Dragoon... It will save you a lot of grief later on >-<
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#17Torankusu3540Posted 2/7/2008 3:15:07 PM
I never did and I fought him ok. He's really slow and DD+Fist of Fury owend his turtle ***.
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