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8 years ago#1
Of an Orich do I need to Synth onto my weapons for the MoT? I got 7 +500s and 1 +1,000. How high should I go with it? Kinda lookin for advice and someone experienced.
Trunks the Weaponmaster
8 years ago#2
Of an Orich do I need to Synth onto my weapons for the MoT?

You don't need any if you know what you are doing.

Use as many as you desire.
8 years ago#3
Ok but it's my first time goin there and I don't wanna get owned in every room, and be able to fight the bosses with medium to no difficulty. What would overkill be? How high is too high (uber ownage 4 hit kill on everything in there)? Something to make it fun but make it so I'm not outmatched.
Trunks the Weaponmaster
8 years ago#4
It's all about strategy. Some new players have went in there with there weapons maxxed w/th ATK+1000 + Orichalcum and still got their butt handed to them by the boss ;p

So really the best way is to learn how to deal with the boss's attacks rather than worrying about how much ATK you have.

You're definitely overpowered already o_o - but as blackfeather said do what you want.
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8 years ago#5
K well, I'll prolly just +1K each weapon before I got then, cause Alchemy materials are gonna be harder to come by I'm assuming, and I might wanna Orich the Ultimates from Sphere 211 when I get them (just for the hell of it, that will be overkill), or at least the ones from MoT so I can survive Sphere 211.
Trunks the Weaponmaster
8 years ago#6
Putting Orichalcum on the Ultimate weapons from Sphere is a bad idea.
8 years ago#7
Put Boots of Prowess or Raging Anger if you want to max attack.
Grant freedom to this soul bound by flesh!
8 years ago#8
I have 7 boots+30% and 1 already on Sophia, I did that part. Why would it be a bad idea to Orich the Sphere weapons?
Trunks the Weaponmaster
8 years ago#9
Say your attack is 4000 (this is usually what I get when ultimate weapon alone, well more like 4200)
Orih. 4000+500=4500
Boots 4000*.3=1200+4000=5200
You can see its a waste of a slot
Also why did you put boots on Sophia?
Grant freedom to this soul bound by flesh!
8 years ago#10
I Synthd it to her Rod of the Evil Eye, cause I had the extra materials and every thing else to do it with. Money and materials right now aren't a factor, I have plenty of it all, and I figured she needed a boost to survive. It didn't do much, was kind of a waiste. But I still have the other 7 and all the Synth and Alchemy materials and money I need.

17+ All materials (cept Crafting)
6 Mill FOL
7 +500 Orichs
1 +1K Orich
7 Boots +30%

I think I'm basically ready, so I said screw it and put it on her.
Trunks the Weaponmaster

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