Wow, I'm terrible (Help an underleveled dude level up)

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8 years ago#1
I'm at the Firewall.

My characters are all level 46 about, except for Mirage and Adray, who I've never touched. Yes, ALL of them.

I took Nel and Peppita.

I can't really level up anywhere because everywhere on Elicoor I'm too weak. PLEASE help me, I've been playing this for something like 2 years and I want to ****ing beat it!
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8 years ago#2
wow....>_> I'm got from 23 to 52 in one day and I just got out of gemity. Take Maria with you on your party and two other people you wanna level. Go to Peterny west exit. Set all of Maria's skills to Scatter Beam. After go into battles in Samaire Steppes with Maria and cancel spam Scatter Beam. I suggest you go after the convictors first, since they can easily break your Bonus battle gauge. Oh and use scatter beam till you almost complete your bonus battle bar. After that run up and use minor attacks to get 3x EXP. A normal battle with 3 people with 3x EXP gives 8k. Battles usually don't take that much time (Less than 15 seconds for me) and you can rest and save at this in. By the way, you don't need to be such a high level to get past the game. Just gonna be careful. Or so I hear.
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8 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
8 years ago#4
Uhh, I said this in like, 5 topics ha ha. If you can make the trip back to Gemini, go the Battle Arena, choose ranking battle, and work you're way up to "get em! Twin beasts" team. Should be around rank 40 or so. 6666 EXP, 2 easy to fight monsters, work up a Trip Exp Bonus Gauge, you'll nab 20K a fight. Easy leveling. Makes you alot of money for item creation and synthisizing too.

Also to get your characters tougher you don't really need the levels. You need to make the Smithery Weapons, which are really strong, check a walkthrough to see what they all are for every character, and you'll need to recruit a few of the Smithers and Alchemists. Boyd and Gusto for Smithery, and Misty Lear for Alchemy. Check on how to recruit them too. Misty should be easy (once you find her), and Gusto too, but Boyd you have to do some 10+ hours worth of bunny races to get.

Once you have them get the Ultimate Smithery Weapons and make some Orichulim (spl might be wrong), it'll give you +500 Attk and 50% remain w/ fury bonuses you can Synth onto the weapons. If you get all these you won't need the levels, but money is an issue. I think it cost close to 1 mill 500K for everything to be created and Synthd. Might be a little less. But it's well worth it. Levels don't mean as much in this game as most RPGs.

Go here and look up Maze of Tribulations, and then check out the preperations section. It'll tell you everything you need to help in the MoT and you can do it all before hand so now would be a good time if you're havin trouble to prepare for the end and post game.
Trunks the Weaponmaster
8 years ago#5
Errr Gemity... Wrong word up there.
Trunks the Weaponmaster
8 years ago#6 forgot. Being weak can be a great thing.Granted you have the right AAA. remember a battle statement by Nell. I wont quote it tho.
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8 years ago#7
L46 is only four levels away from the average end game level ;p

Most people defeat the final boss from L50 - L60 on a normal file.

So in a round about way what I'm saying is no you aren't weak and no you aren't terrible ^_~

It's more about skill set ups, tactics and strategy than levels anyway.

Master Peppita's Power Dance and/or the use of Maria/Adray/Sophia's Power Up along w/th moves like Kaboom/L10 Scatter Beam/L10 Whirlwind w/th Increase HP damage/Air Raid/Dimension Door and *then* tell me you're weak ^_~
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8 years ago#8
Thanks for the help guys.

I feel cheap putting Orichalcum on all of my weapons so that's why I haven't done it, though I added the magic equivalent of it to Sophia's weapon. I'm pretty sure I have the strongest weapons you can get at that point for everyone except Nel (who has a Laser Weapon with extra ATK) though.

I'll try Toru's and Lady's advice later :-)
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8 years ago#9
Oh yeah... I can't beat Get Em Twin Beast (Well, it's possible, but I just barely scrape through and I can never keep a steady Bonus Gauge, I always wind up dying)

This could be a problem, I'll try Bart's thing tomorrow though
Mr. T once defeated Reikken in a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. In retaliation, Reikken invented racism. -iCe0layTed
8 years ago#10
Do the Item creation and synthisize, it works wonders, and the twin beasts are in ranked battles.
Trunks the Weaponmaster
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