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Post-game weapons...

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8 years ago#1
So I'm going to finish the MoT soon (yes, for the first time...beat the main game ages ago, been procrastinating the post game and playing other games =p) and I thought I'd start synthing some factors onto the "not quite the best weapons" you find there (Elemental Ticklers for Nel, Efreet Cape for Pep, etc). Any thoughts on factors?
At this point, with my characters all between lv 80 and 100, I would think the "Orichalcum bad, BoP good" rule of synthing that applies strongly to the REAL ultimate weapons from Sphere might not apply to these weapons; right now, sticking ATK+1000 on these weapons would compare favorably to ATK+30%. On the other hand, with BoP you also get DEF too. I thought I might do a mix...2 or 3 ATK +500 (with a Survive on Fury 50% in there from the Ori), a few ATK/DEF +30%, and then perhaps Raise attack decision by 2 or 3 and/or 30% Negate HP or MP damage (what items even HAVE the Negate Damage factors, anyway?). I know these weapons are not nearly as important as the ones in Sphere, but they are still unique weapons and will be pretty helpful for the rest of the post game.

Oh, and speaking of BoP... is refining their factor from 10% to 30% just that hard?? Seriously, I started the line, and the quality bar ran completely dry and they STILL hadn't succeeded. Of course, Talent has no effect on Refining, so it's not like you can really make things better by using different characters or whatever... is it just a very small percentage of actually working, and I just gotta keep doing it? I dunno how I'm going to eventually make 10 or more of these

Any advice is appreciated. ^^
8 years ago#2

Elemental weapons aren't realy good at all.In exception they can be under certain reasons.As damage output be cut in half, to level up skills.

Refineing the boots can be a real chore.I use Adray, Stance and someone else.

All those varations.500,1000 aren't good in sense skill leveling.1000 is totally useless.As you loose the item you get it from as a 1 time thing.As it becomes unique, cannot buy. But still need to do 1 point of damage.But the survive fury is always good. Too bad it can't be the first thing to synth huh.:-( In game play level.The unltimate weapon factors for some people will vary. For me i don't make the same thing for normal to hard and very hard.As higher level, the boots aren't that great.I use hit% MP restore ect.Yes i know hiting to the back is supposed to guarantee hit, but i actually miss, well 2 times that i remember to.As higher level.Monsters status effects can accur more often.As the witch foes can actually start to silence you on hard.

In the end what style you want to do, not frustate you, and the game level matters.Not so much for addicted & or expieranced players.
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8 years ago#3
I personally don't refine BoP until I get a fol weapon and can afford to do 3 lines at a time.
8 years ago#4
The inventors have other talents that might not be so clear at first - namely cost factor + speed factor.

For example a combination of any of these four characters - Adray, Peppita, Stanice, Balbados - are nuts at refining things w/th insane speed since they have good speed factors the only thing is that using Adray and/or Balbados costs a bomb ;p

They are the best team to use though since they don't take forever.

Thus the majority of long term players usually wait until they have synthed a money making weapon before dealing with boots if at all since it's quite a bit of hassle otherwise.

Though I use Adray/Peppita/Mirage cause I'm lazy and can't be assed going to recruit other inventors most of the time xD

For Peppita and other damage dealers like Maria/Nel you don't really need to worry about beefing defences with BoPs since they need Berserk on to help maximise their offences and Berserk really needs to be off for an effective BoP set up.

Peppita can max her ATK with Power Dance and or Raging Anger/ATK+1000/ATK+500s or a combination of those various factors.

Then for her more important factors than BoPs are minus three fury use plus another minus two from Victory Trophy or another ring of amnosity for an accessory so she can reduce the cost of Dream Hammer to one fury per swing or so she can get another 300% Faerie Friend, and 6% MP Regens to go w/th convert damage to mp (preserve HP) as her health bar. If you have any room +20% Max MP factors are also nice.

Good luck and have fun experimenting :)
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8 years ago#5
The inventors have other talents that might not be so clear at first - namely cost factor + speed factor... (etc - not quoting everything you said on this to save space)

Yeah, of course... I totally made it sound like I didn't know that didn't I, with my "nothing else you can do to affect it" comment. All I meant was that since talent doesn't matter, there's nothing you can do to increase the CHANCE of success, but I worded it badly. haha. XD

Anyway, as it happens, the reason I was reacting so strongly to this was because I had tried to refine Boots from 10% to 30% like, 6 or 7 times and hadn't succeeded once YET. Every one of those attempts, the quality bar ran completely dry without success. So I thought "Wow, am I really just having THIS much bad luck?" Turns out that's exactly what it was, since shortly after posting this thread, I tried again...and BOOM, they made it successfully on the first run of the time bar. O_o So it really is Now I have managed to refine a few, but I'm not going to try to make a ton until I have a money weapon. =p

Hmm...I see what you're saying about Berserk and the BoP, although I'm not sure I can resist putting one or two ATK/DEF +30 factors on, all the same. XD The MP Max + and MP regen might be a good idea... What about the Negate HP/MP damage ones (which I found, by the way...Red/Blue Talisman. Dunno how I missed that)? Or the Increase Attack Decision factors? For Nel in particular (my fave character), I want to be sure I'm making a good weapon.
Before recently getting back into the game again (I still love the game, I was just being distracted by other stuff =p), it had been a while since I played, so I'm rusty on some of this stuff, heh... I appreciate all the suggestions. ^^
8 years ago#6
The more full the quality bar is, the bigger is the chance for your success.
Also take in mind the price, I usually give it 4 tries, then restart and try again.
8 years ago#7
The more full the quality bar is, the bigger is the chance for your success.
Also take in mind the price, I usually give it 4 tries, then restart and try again.

Oh, I know... what I meant was, when trying to refine BoP from 10% to 30%, they wouldn't succeed no matter HOW long I let the bar run I was beginning to think I'd never be able to refine one. Usually I have a similar policy of letting them make only a certain number of attempts and then stopping, but when they just WOULDN'T succeed no matter what I did, I began to wonder... haha.
8 years ago#8
Increase ATK decision doesn't really give Nel anything special ;p She's not really one of the "fireworks" characters.

Nel -

Elemental Ticklers -
-3 fury use
Adds paralysis effect
+20% Max MP
+20% Max MP
6% MP Regen
Adds freezing effect (if you're Nel isn't using the Victory/Bunny Trophy) or No HP damage 30% of the time

Mystic Chain

Tri Emblem + Victory Trophy/refined ring of mental power

Convert damage Preserve HP + Berserk ON

Is a great set up for the maze and sphere alike, especially fun on the randoms w/th them getting paralysed and frozen all over the place *^_^* As well as being a "status weapon" it also has the important factors to help Nel's offensive moves like -3 Fury and MP increasing and regen factors for durability.

I usually use Peppita with Power Dance so Nel also has high offensive damage power + ATK but the weapon still works relatively well w/o it (Nel/Adray/Roger Universe game)
The only thing I am guilty of is a lot of love, enthusiasm and being myself. If that's a crime, then it's a cross I'm willing to bear.
8 years ago#9
Deathbringers -
+20% Max MP
+20% Max MP
-3 Fury
6% MP regen

Valkyrie Garb + Tri Emblem + Victory Trophy.

Convert Damage to MP/Preserve HP + Berserk ON

As far as I can remember at L255 Nel will have max ATK with this set up, the important minus fury factor, MP durability factors and with the Valkyrie Garb added and the mp increasing berries pumped into her at L255 she'll have quite substantial MP tanking ability as well.

Depends how far you want to go as far as MP tanking is concerned, both Maria and Peppita can get over 50'000 MP (Peppita maxxing ATK for herself with Power Dance) and Maria can get 70'000+ MP if Power Dance is used for her ATK buffing. I don't know how much Nel can get but I can imagine nearly as good w/th a set up like -

Laser Weapon
Raging Anger
+20% Max MP
+20% Max MP
+20% Max MP
+20% Max MP
+20% Max MP
+20% Max MP
-3 Fury

Valkyrie Garb + Tri Emblem + Victory Trophy

w/th Peppita supporting w/th L10 Power Dance + L10 Magical Dance.

To make sure of Peppita's supporting abilities one should switch between her and Nel to ensure her dances are being used in the right place and to cancel combo so Magical Dance has better efficiency :)
The only thing I am guilty of is a lot of love, enthusiasm and being myself. If that's a crime, then it's a cross I'm willing to bear.

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