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7 years ago#1
At the moment im using roger and pepitta but im not sure on a third party member...

Has anyone got any suggestions? i tried cliff but i cant really find any skill setups that work well with him and ive tried maria and fayt but i used them once i a previous save, (tanking with fayt then energy bursting with maria.) and i'd rather try something different! ^_^

Secondly, is pepitta only ever any good if controlled by you? Cause she always uses her dance in the wrong place and so on.

Any help would be great :D
7 years ago#2
1) If you're not going to use Maria or Fayt then yeah Cliff is a third good choice for working with those two. It's ok - we can help out w/th skill set ups *^_^*

Short X - Hammer of Might
Short O - Hammer of Might
Support - No Guard + Critical Hit HP

Classic Cliff set up involving one of his most powerful moves. This basically works well on anything that doesn't null/absorb fire - for me when enhanced by Peppy's Power Dance against fire weak Azazer - win within ten seconds trophy triggered *^_^*

Short X - Aerial Assault/Sphere of Might/Electric Fists
Short O - Aerial Assault

Good for aiding a party in an MP damage dealing scenario but also does great HP damage as well. Just be careful to watch out for enemy AAA triggers if using Aerial Assault on a minor slot though.

Short X - Fists of Fury
Short O - Fists of Fury
Support - Critical Hit HP/Max Fury

Classic Cliff stunlocking set up. Especially useful for Peppita, helping keep an enemy in place will she pulls of her highly powered moves. It can help Roger too.

If you really don't want to use Cliff then I'd suggest Mirage. She also has good defences/HP and is one of the more reliable AI. She's cuddly too! ^_~

2) Don't use Peppita's dances unless you're planning on a Pure! Support Peppita. If using a support Peppita it really shouldn't matter where she uses her dances as they have quite a generous AoE so as long as they are on the short range slots and you keep the enemy within short range then yeah. If you want to use Peppita offensively on AI though then yeah toss the dances altogether. For the best of both worlds though yeah control her. Or you can try learning how to micromanage between two characters. Switching back and forth between Pep and another character isn't hard.

The only thing I am guilty of is a lot of love, enthusiasm and being myself. If that's a crime, then it's a cross I'm willing to bear.
7 years ago#3
Thank it helped loads! :D

Cliffs setup before was:

SX: uppercut
SO: fists of fury

Im never sure what to do with support other than common support symbols! xD

mirage cuddly O.o when will people learn! shes a klausian! ^^,
7 years ago#4
Glad to help :)

Yeah Uppercut isn't a great thing to set to a minor slot since it's a multi hit skill and it's meant to be used for keeping the enemy in the air for a while not for cancel fodder into Fists of Fury (generally the better skill)

Klausians are cuddly <_< Only if they like you though ^_~
The only thing I am guilty of is a lot of love, enthusiasm and being myself. If that's a crime, then it's a cross I'm willing to bear.
7 years ago#5
The setup I normally use for Cliff is:

Sm: Stun
Lm: (Empty)
SM: Aerial Assault
LM: Max Shockwave
S1: First Aid
S2: (Empty)

With this I take advantage of his fast punches to Stun the enemy, to allow a one hit powerful Aerial Assault attack after it. Then when I want to play it safe I stand back and use Max Shockwave.

Ladysoalluring's setups also work quite well.

Peppita... I find her the best "Special Purpose" character, closely followed by Nel. I can't find a way to have Peppita adaptable to every situation, but having attacks like Panic dance when it works (like early training on Get 'em Twin Beast for example) works a treat. Otherwise she has handy curative support, but you can cover that with items so I don't like having her as a full time character.

I use Fayt, Maria & Cliff most of the time (with Sophia, Nel & Peppita most common interchanges).
7 years ago#6
Hey Fayt =-) Peppita actually has one of the best item usage times (next to Roger) so she can be used for that as well :) Though Fayt and Maria also have good item use times :)
The only thing I am guilty of is a lot of love, enthusiasm and being myself. If that's a crime, then it's a cross I'm willing to bear.
7 years ago#7
Yeah, but Peppitta has the highest damage output over time <_<
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7 years ago#8
Maria vs Ethereal Queen disagrees <_<

Peppita is probably better on Lenneth/Freya though since Scatter Beam can get interrupted a lot there ;p

Peppita is just a girl of many talents is all ^_~
The only thing I am guilty of is a lot of love, enthusiasm and being myself. If that's a crime, then it's a cross I'm willing to bear.

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