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I need to clarify some things:@

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8 years ago#1
First, the Atk+30% factor.
Is it 30%/100% from BP boost off the weapon itself, stats combined with weapon power, or weapon AND the non-percentual increases like ATK+1000?
Or all 3?
I'm looking for a decent Fayt DB setup with fireworks, but not the one with all the fireworks, but still able to fit some in.
Not changing Fury usage, I am doing well with minor manipulation with just Berserk.
Let's see:

Levantine: 2200 ATK
Raging Anger
Movement +30%
5 fireworks.

And two Tri-Emblems.
2200+3000x2, right?
Or 2200x2+3000?
For fireworks, 4 Powerful factors or 3 Powerful and Shoots Balls of Light.
Is anything with that wrong, or am I correct?
8 years ago#2
I think when you Synth the BoPs it runs off your base stats not the weapons, and I believe it's the same with the rest, if you're askin. Cause +30% def. doesn't do anything on a 0 def. item.
Trunks the Weaponmaster
8 years ago#3
Well....if the 0 def item had a +10 def factor on it, would def go up by 3?
8 years ago#4
You take all your base stats (this includes factors like ATK +1000, DEF +100, and direct equipment boosts) then apply a single percentage boost equal to the sum of the individual percentage boosts.

So if you have Fayt with 500 ATK with no weapons equipped and give him the Veinslay (800 ATK) with a +1000 ATK factor and 2 +30% ATK factors, you end up with (500 + 800 + 1000)*1.6 = 3680 ATK

If I got the ATK boost of the Veinslay wrong so be it, I'm too lazy to look it up. :P
Implication is a strong weapon.
I do read sometimes.
8 years ago#5
So it doesn't take the Tri-Emblems into the account, but it does the ATK+1000 factors?
8 years ago#6
Uhh, I unno bought that one, I don't exactly know what a Tri Emblum does, but I never needed one cause I've done fine through the whole thing w/o em. But if it's the same as like Orich +500s or Attk+ stats on a weapon it prolly does take em into account.
Trunks the Weaponmaster
8 years ago#7
Tri-Emblum does nothing.
A Tri-Emblem, however, does.
8 years ago#8
The Tri-Emblem's attack boost would be a direct equipment boost.
Implication is a strong weapon.
I do read sometimes.
8 years ago#9
K. Still never used em. So I unno.
Trunks the Weaponmaster
8 years ago#10
Now just to see which Fireworks would be the best=p
Anyways, just a boss away from Levantine.
4D Super Blair does.....lots of damage.
12,000 per hit from Eddy of Light, and my Fayt has only...26,000 HP.
Death Howl will probably one hit him, lol.
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  3. I need to clarify some things:@

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