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Shoots balls X Shoots powerful balls

#1BananamaticPosted 2/12/2008 12:24:12 PM
Is it right that if I have the inferior, the stronger one will never activate?
I still have a save to correct that, Lenneth is no big deal anyways.
Does it looks like a single ball? Or three balls like other powerful balls?
Shoots balls never seems to hit in a DB/homing strat.
#2MetalGearSolidBoyPosted 2/12/2008 12:41:45 PM
Shoots and Shoots Powerful of the same type both have a chance to activate, nothing is overwritten. Shoots and Shoots Powerful also have the same graphics and area-of-effect stuff, so there is no tactical significance between the two aside from the damage.

With Fayt's flipkick, you're better off not using any of the Light fireworks because of the mid-air accuracy problems.

These ones work good with pure flipkick strategies:

Powerful Ice (3 hits of 50%)
Powerful Fire (3 hits of 50%)
Emits long-range shockwaves (1 hit of 100%)
Emits Fire (1 hit of 100%)
Shoots Ice (3 hits of 25%)
Shoots Fire (3 hits of 25%)
Strikes with Lightning (1 hit of 50%)

IMO, the best Levantine for the situation would be:

Powerful Fire
Powerful Ice
Emits long-range shockwaves
Emits Fire
+30% Movement rate
Raging Anger during battles (1/2 Defense)
Shoots Fire or Shoots Ice

Accessory 1: Tri-Emblem
Accessory 2: Tri-Emblem

Levantine's 3200 ATK + 2000 from Emblems = 5200 + Raging Anger = 9999 ATK
#3Bananamatic(Topic Creator)Posted 2/12/2008 12:48:49 PM
Replaced Shoots with Emits, and saved.
Well, I still haven't done Fayt+Luther, and Luther is a big target, so it could help xD