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Who did you had to choose: Nel, Peppita, Albel or Roger?

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6 years ago#1

For some reason, I seem to prefer Nel being one of the four characters to choose. I guess generally the main reason is cause when Fayt and Cliff land on Elicoor, Nel is pretty much with the party through most of disc 1. So I guess I sort of choose her cause of that. Not that it's much of a reason or anything.

6 years ago#2
heh i chose nel for the same reason and i choose albel because he was most badass guy looking out of the rest

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6 years ago#3
I choose Nel 1st because,she`s been there the longest besides Cliff & can cast some magic & 2nd I choose Peppita because of her skills-hook line,kaboom & dances.The other 2- I didn`t like,just my opinion-sorry
6 years ago#4
Hmm, let's be honest, Roger sucks. So this is really a battle between Nel, Albel and Peppita.

I usually go with Nel since she is useful early on as a healer and can still do some nice damage end game with stuff like divine wrath and mirror slice, plus they look cool. She's also fairly leveled when you get her.

Toss up between Albel and Peppita. Neither is really powerful but both fun to use. For me Albel just have a slight edge since I perfer cool looking swords.
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6 years ago#5
*stifles defensive urge*

For me, it's between Albel, Peppy, and Roger. Nel...I could take or leave. I usually leave her. Peppy is honestly my first choice for optionals.
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6 years ago#6
I pick Nel.... for a totally different reason. The maid costume hehehe

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6 years ago#7
First character- Roger for three of his high damage, low safety setups that aren't too punishable on Galaxy difficulty. Possibly Nel instead if Whirlwind is leveled up a good deal by the time the decision has to be made.

Second character- Peppita for Power Dance, counters, Kaboom, an intense but easy superboss fight, simple looting of Sphere weapons, and Roe Tablet potential should I feel like exploiting it.

First character- Albel for Aura Wall, Palm of Destruction (if he's not using Aura Wall and is in the active party), and Double Slash of Fury.

Second character- Still Peppita.

Though I certainly don't stick with this strict selection very much <_<
6 years ago#8
I almost always take Nel and Peppita-- Nel because she's my favorite character to use and Peppita more or less by default. I don't use Roger most of the time and I tend to favor beating the crap out of Albel in the Urssa Lava Caves.

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6 years ago#9
Peppita always as she's my fave charactaer :3.

Other optional depends on my mood.
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6 years ago#10
Always Albel! He has been my main character since when i first completed the game years ago lol, and he will always be my main character, yes that's right Albel, my little androgynous bi-polar schizophrenic pedo bear!!

Oh and for second 's, i usually pick Roger or Peppita.... or neither some times. But yeh i don't like Nel for some reason, really out of place character to play for me.
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