Getting creamed in machine battles, please advise

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4 years ago#1
Somehow I've managed to bumble my way through this game and I'm in the Moonbase, but now the fights are getting incredibly frustrating, especially against machine-gun enemies and ones that fly. I have no idea how to pull off any combos besides the easy two-hit one you get from tapping one button, and I hardly have any time to dodge.

What am I doing wrong, and how can I do better at fighting in this game? I'm trying hard to like it, but the oddball combat system is frustrating me to the point of profanity.
4 years ago#2
It'll grow on you. The whole point of those robot enemies is pretty much to obliterate you, but they give you Peppita and it really helps to have her along there. Once she learns Power Dance, use it to double your ATK. Your best bet is to avoid 'em whenever possible, though.

The battles in Moonbase and Styx (that's coming up next and it will be a lot worse) are intended to be brutal. It's kinda like the story battles Star Ocean 2 was notorious for, except it actually gives you a chance to win in SO3. It's just bastard hard, unless you exploit item creation.

Edit: The beauty in this game lies in all the things you can discover to make your characters more powerful. You can get 'em pretty godlike if you know what you're doing, but most of the best stuff becomes available right before the final boss. Most of it.
4 years ago#3
I'm sorry to say I don't have Peppita in the group (she's there, but didn't offer to join). My party consists of: Fayt, Cliff, Nel, Maria and Sophie. Right now I'm trying to get Sophie's level to match up to the others', but it's slow going.
4 years ago#4
Oh, I think you need to find the Proclaimer first. Peppita appears after you beat the Proclaimer. Until then, just try to avoid the machines.
4 years ago#5
Oh, THAT guy. I ran into it by accident once and got destroyed. That's why I'm building up now. Well, we'll try again tomorrow.
4 years ago#6
Well, until you get Peppita, I'd say to spam Hammer of Might (short minor and short major cancels) on Cliff and that should obliterate everything.
4 years ago#7
Where exactly are you right now? Good leveling spot opens up after a certain point in the story.

Sophia won't contribute much until lv 42, where she learns Berserk and TF.
That is when she can start her safety stunlocking career.

By the way, leveling should only be intended to get new skills. If you really want to power up your teams, get better weapons instead. Or if you are willing to look into it, do item creations.
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4 years ago#8
Spam side kick. Rinse. Repeat til the end of the game. Throw in dimension door if you're feeling confident.

Alternative is to pick up the inventor Misty Lear as soon as you are able to story wise and make some orichalcam and have a free ride for the rest of the game.

Those are some easy options out.
4 years ago#9
@Mad Cartoonist I just arrived at the Moonbase and I'm at the save point in the auditorium. Presently I'm just running north and fighting the chainsaw robots, then going back and healing, then repeating the cycle. I've never made any useful weapons and I'm not at a place I can go back and recruit inventors, so I'm stuck with the gear I've got.
4 years ago#10
My advice for any battles involving robots is to not fight them at all and escape ASAP if you run into one. I've never had enough success trying to kill them to make leveling against robots worthwhile.
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