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4 years ago#1
I'm trying to get Roger's treasures before defeating Crossel, but I also want to earn the necessary Battle Trophies while I'm there. I've been building up my levels, but I can't manage to earn the two trophies against Aurora Monster. What's a good level to build to?

My characters (Fayt, Cliff, Nel) are in the mid-60 levels, and I've synthed their weapons with refined Orihalcons and Diamonds.
4 years ago#2
The STR berries aren't worth it TBH. I usually always make sure to definitely get the Health + MP plus berries (for my MP tank) and pick up the INT berries on the way if I remember but sometimes I just forget about the STR berries and do the rest of the underground Mosel Ruins later.

Yeah I remember trying to do this disc one on my first Universe run -_- I had a L60+ Cliff/Albel and they were still struggling, I don't remember if I did any IC though. Anyway I remember saying sod it and continuing to disc two only to have a low level Peppita (who I was taking/trying out for the first time) outdamaging my much higher levelled characters due to Power Dance and whatnot >_> She ended up my definite main after.

Anyway your levels are fine, you've probably figured that levels alone don't do much good.

Can I ask which skill set ups you use with your characters, which difficulty mode this is and how much the +500 ATK on your weapon is refined (i.e how many +500 ATKs) ? :)
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4 years ago#3
Fayt, Cliff and Nel all have the same weapon synthesis:
Attack + 500 x 2
Survive on Fury when incap (50% chance)
Def + 50 x 2
+20% EXP x 2

Skill sets are as follows:
Fayt: Side Kick (short X)
Lightning Blade (long X)
Side Kick (Short O)
Side Kick (Long O)
First Aid
Standby Healing

Cliff: Sphere of Might (Short X)
Sphere of Might (Long X)
Hammer of Might (Short O)
None (Long O)
Standby Healing
Critical Hit HP

Nel: Lightning Chain (Short X)
Whirlwind (Long X)
Lightning Chain (Short O)
None (Long O)
Standby Healing
Critical Hit HP
4 years ago#4
Thanks :)

Ahhh. I see. You're not using very damaging skills (in terms of DM% modifiers) and for the ones that are they aren't set up properly, also I see one immediate problem here, Aurora Monster absorbs wind and Lightning Blade, Lightning Chain, Whirlwind (Nel's entire skill set up basically) are all wind elementals.

Try Side Kick > Air Raid/Dimension Door for Fayt and either Poison Cloud > Mirror Slice for Nel (short range) or controlled Nel long range with Flying Guillotine > Flying Guillotine chains:) I'd probably also use Fists of Fury or Aerial Assault chains on Cliff as well.
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4 years ago#5
TBH, if you are a perfectionist, you might wanna get that but I really don't want to ruin my experience of my game when I could just ATK+500x8 to just LOL with Aerial Assault or Hammer of Might and Dimension Door. The tip here is to interrupt the Mermaid before they cast Deep Freeze. That's the only thing that you need to watch out for. As or Aurora monster, like always, control Cliff or Nel. Cliff will LMFAO with Hammer of Might or just spam Flying Guillotine with Nel.
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