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Is there any good factors that can be synthed from usable and food items? (Archived)MetaFails812/9 6:33PM
Do Reducers and Mass Reducers actually work? (Archived)MetaFails412/9 8:22AM
Symbol of Courage (Archived)
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MetaFails2512/9 8:20AM
Hello. New here, kind of. Question! Movelist? (Archived)MetaFails412/6 1:16AM
Weird map components... (Archived)Mad_Cartoonist411/30 8:37PM
Training/Weapons for Maze of Tribulations (Archived)
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tuvuu1311/30 4:42AM
Do you guys mind watermarks? (Archived)
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Mad_Cartoonist7711/28 9:44PM
Those who don't synth Orichalcum on Laser Weapon, how to beat disc 2 bosses? (Archived)SheenavsKilley711/24 9:18AM
Only Cornelius can write the Strange Book (Archived)
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SheenavsKilley1411/24 2:15AM
Aqua and Evia take a long time to load on workshop (Archived)SheenavsKilley211/23 10:50PM
need confirmation about unique items (Archived)SheenavsKilley711/23 8:55AM
parrying lenneth (Archived)801322711/20 11:04AM
Is it possible to avoid Adray by adding an eighth character with Action Replay? (Archived)Eli_Sanchez511/20 11:00AM
Things You'd Like To See In Star Ocean 5 (Archived)
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BSBladeSwordman9011/13 11:10PM
The Kirlsa training facility haunts me to this day (Archived)invictius711/13 8:16PM
I just realised something about this game (Archived)invictius811/12 4:24PM
Survive of Fury Mechanics (Archived)wpot1011/6 3:43AM
Shops Sell all items (Archived)
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Vondy561111/3 6:17PM
I wanna see all Puffy dialogues (Archived)SheenavsKilley611/1 8:30AM
Auto Loot Item Levelling (Archived)Aqueous_Null710/31 6:04PM