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Valorous Gauntlets (Archived)i love star ocean 248/31 7:01AM
And someone once told me 50% survive on incap was useless (Archived)
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Welch_Vineyard308/30 2:37PM
Lighting Strike 0 Damage? (Archived)nel107108/29 5:53PM
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Differences between "original" and DC characters of SO3. (Archived)nel10738/28 9:52PM
Which do you prefer? (Poll)
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nel107158/28 5:18PM
Best team for Freya 4D? (Archived)
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Dark_Placebo318/28 3:03PM
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Been a long time since I played (General questions) (Archived)Entrand48/24 4:45PM
Can anyone give me a good Albel Stunner setup ? (Archived)
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Dark_Placebo138/24 2:56PM
People still post here, warms the heart! (Archived)Metatron_lord38/24 12:25AM
Recording a 4D play through (Archived)
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Itoshira808/22 6:03PM
Fayt's Daydreaming Location at Ethereal Queen's Battle Ground in Sphere 211 (Archived)
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silvereyes47318/20 5:42PM